Fire Ant Control and Extermination

Using the best eco-friendly methods, Aptive Environmental controls fire ants in and around homes.

Seeking help from a certified pest expert is the best way to ensure your entire yard is free from fire ants.
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Preventing Infestations

Aptive’s certified pest experts conduct a thorough investigation of your home or business and customize a solution specifically designed for your property.

  • With the Four Seasons Protection Plan, you’ll be secure from ants and other pests throughout the year.

  • By choosing Aptive, you’ll receive the best customer service and convenient, effective treatments to control and remove fire ant infestations. 

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Identifying Fire Ants

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  • Where Do Fire Ants Live?
  • Fire Ant Behavior
  • How To Identify A Fire Ant Bite
  • Symptoms Of A Fire Ant Bite
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    Where Do Fire Ants Live?

    You can think of a fire ant nest like a small city full of infrastructure, workers, and a single queen or small group of queens. Fire ants build nests, or mounds, that can vary in size, especially if left undisturbed or untreated.

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    How To Get Rid Of Fire Ants

    The best way to prevent fire ants is through eliminating existing colonies. It is important to not disturb the mounds before treating them. If disturbed, the workers can move the queen deeper into the nest or to a new location completely.

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    When Are Fire Ants Most Active

    Fire ants are most active when it is warm outside. Depending on where you live, fire ants can be active all year long. During Spring and Summer, fire ants will set out to create new colonies. Worker ants can build a new mound within several hours.

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    When Are Fire Ants Most Active (Part 2)

    Spring and summer are when fire ants mate. After fertilization, queens lay around a dozen eggs at a time and up to 1500 eggs per day. Typically, the bigger the mound, the more tunnel networks and colonies nearby.

  • You can think of a fire ant nest like a small city full of infrastructure, workers, and a single queen or small group of queens. Fire ants build nests, or mounds, that can vary in size, especially if left undisturbed or untreated. While most mounds only reach a few inches tall, some mounds can reach over a foot in height.

    Fire ant mounds are found in grassy areas such as lawns and pastures. Unlike other anthills, fire ant mounds do not contain an opening at the center. Instead, fire ants use underground tunnels to enter and leave the nest. These tunnels can travel 25 feet away from the mound. If you don’t notice any mounds in your yard, that doesn’t necessarily mean fire ants aren’t present. In addition to grassy areas, fire ants can also build nests under buildings or in cracks in the concrete.

  • If you disturb a fire ant mound, the fire ants will defend it aggressively. Fire ants will pour out of the mound and you will notice hundreds of worker ants scurrying around. Fire ants will defend their nest fiercely because it contains food, eggs, and a queen or queens.

    Despite their small size, fire ants are ruthless. Because nests are often found in open areas, fire ants are quick to attack if disturbed. Because hundreds of fire ants are able to swarm their nest in a given moment, they can overwhelm predators easily. While they typically scavenge for plants and insects their own size, fire ants can also attack small animals such as squirrels and mice.

  • While fire ant bites are painful to everyone, only a small percentage of people are allergic. For those that are allergic, a fire ant sting can be very serious. If you experience excessive swelling or itching, shortness of breath, swelling of the tongue or throat, or hives, you should seek immediate medical attention. Otherwise, you should treat the stings as you would any other insect bite; by keeping it clean and applying an over-the-counter, topical cream.

    1. You will notice a fire ant bite because it will sting.

    2. It is common to receive multiple bites because a single fire ant can sting multiple times.

    3. A small, swollen, red spot will appear on the skin.

    4. A small blister will later develop on top of the spot.

    5. The bite will itch for about a week and will start to go away during this time as well.

    6. You should not pick at the blister or bite as it can cause the area to become infected.

Smart Solutions

12 Month Plan - 5 Service Appointments

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  • Four Seasons Protection Plan
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After our first visit, Aptive will return the following month to rid the exterior of any surviving pests and continue to treat your home year-round. To ensure exterior treatments are convenient, customers do not need to be home while we work.
Service begins with a thorough inspection of your property by a certified pest specialist. Risk areas are identified and treated using a customized protection plan that keeps your property pest free year-round.
Aptive’s Four Seasons Protection Plan provides a responsible solution that keeps your indoor environment pest-free. Using the most progressive protection plan in the industry, our comprehensive extermination services and quality guarantee have made us the fastest-growing pest control service in North America.
Aptive Environmental knows that for most homeowners, it’s not if the pests will return, but when. When the pests come back, we do too— absolutely free!
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Treating individual mounds can help control fire ant populations, but may not eliminate the entire problem. You should seek the help of a pest expert in order to make sure your entire yard is free from fire ants. Aptive’s dedicated team uses the best, eco-friendly methods to effectively control ants and ensure that your home is protected for the future.

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Aptive professionals make effective, eco-friendly pest control convenient for you.

Our treatments, customized to your home or business, protect you from fire ants and other pests throughout the year.