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Aptive Environmental is a premier provider of eco-friendly pest control in the greater Los Angeles area. Canoga Park homeowners can rely on a dedicated team of Aptive specialists to manage pest issues in a carefully-honed manner. Our methodical approach to managing rodents and pests ensures that your property and family are protected in the event of an infestation. Call your local Aptive branch in Canoga Park to discuss an environmentally-conscious solution to your rodent or pest problem.

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What Attracts Pests to Canoga Park Homes?

No one wants to see bugs or rodents around their property, but there are inevitable aspects of a home or business that may lead to a pest infestation. Many basic needs that are essential to humans overlap with factors that attract pests. During a Canoga Park regional drought, for example, pests may enter your home in search of moisture. Conversely, a leaky pipe or any open source of pooling water—buckets, kids’ toys, and the like—can provide all the moisture an insect needs to survive.

No matter what triggers a pest infestation at your home or business, rest assured that our residential pest control plan will protect your home throughout the year. Aptive Environmental offers the most comprehensive service and far-reaching warranty in the industry, including multiple treatments to address seasonal fluctuations in pest activity. Our eco-friendly service professionals experts use responsible methods to remove rodents and pests quickly and to prevent them from returning. Talk to one of your local Aptive pest control specialists today to schedule a consultation for your home or business.

What Insects Help in the Composting Cycle?

Pill bugs and slugs help to aerate and add natural fertilizer to your compost pile. However, even these helpful pests can wander over to your fruit or vegetable garden and treat themselves to a meal. Other pests such as wasps, hornets, fruit flies, earwigs, and spiders are an immediate cause for pest control services. Contact Aptive Environmental Canoga Park to discuss a pest control plan that’s right for your family and for the fruits of your labor.

Canoga Park Pest Information

Meat is one of the most enticing snares for rodents and pests. To mitigate the negative impact of household waste on the environment, many households use composting in their gardens. However, compost can also be a source of both food and shelter for ants, raccoons, rodents, and other pests. Canoga Park home and business owners should take care to dispose of leftovers and food supplies properly to prevent pests from chewing their way to treasure.

Tips for Eco-Friendly Pest Prevention:

  • Keep animal products out of your compost bin
  • Avoid composting any bones, dairy products, oils, and fatty foods.
  • Cover any exposed food with a layer of dry leaves and soil
  • Surround compost collections with bricks, rocks, wire, and other obstacles to deter rodents.

In addition to water and shelter, pests may naturally seek food from the garbage or other open sources of household waste. While both pests and organic materials add value to a garden ecosystem, only one of the two is a welcomed guest. Here are a few tips for preventing a pest infestation of your garage, shed, or compost bin.

Our Approach: Eco-Friendly Pest Control

  • Detailed inspection of property to prioritize the needs of inhabitants
  • Environmentally-conscious products and approach minimize risk of pest management
  • Pet-friendly techniques protect all members of the family from pests
  • Unmatched warranty & seasonal treatments for year-round pest control

Proprietors of Canoga Park businesses can also rely on Aptive for unmatched, professional service in commercial pest management. We’ll create a tailored plan for your company based on its size and industry to protect your workers and products from being damaged by bugs and rodents. Our meticulous and eco-friendly techniques are designed to your businesses while minimizing risk to your employees, products, or clients. Talk to an Aptive pest control Service Professional to begin crafting a strategy to suit the unique needs of your business.

Commercial Pest Control in Canoga Park, CA

Many companies strive to create a comfortable working environment for the employees and clients therein. Unfortunately, the occasional pest or rodent may feel the same way about your office building. Aptive Canoga Park specializes in customizing our eco-friendly pest control services for businesses across a wide variety of industries in the greater Los Angeles area. No matter the size or the clientele of your business, Aptive is equipped to create a solution to fit your specific pest management needs.

  • Customized pest management solutions for the size of your business
  • Tailored approach to fit the unique needs of your industry: professional, retail, education, manufacturing, medical, and more
  • Environmentally-conscious solutions minimize risk to employees, customers, and products

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