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Aptive Environmental is the best team to call to protect your home or business from pests and treat infestations of any size. Our team of certified pest specialists use eco-friendly techniques to treat your whole property—inside and outside. With a custom plan based on the size and shape of your home or commercial building, you’ll be protected all year. Call Aptive’s Chicago branch today to learn more about our responsible and effective pest control service.

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245 W. Roosevelt Rd., Bldg 9 #58, West Chicago, Il 60185

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Aptive Environmental Eco-Friendly Pest Control

  • Personalized service starts with a thorough inspection of your home, business, yard and everywhere pests can hide.
  • Aptive has you covered for all four seasons—we’re just a call away.
  • We use eco-friendly pest control techniques that are pet-friendly, too!

Enjoy peace of mind with convenient, professional pest control services in Chicago, IL. We’re passionate about protecting what’s important to you from pests. Call the experts at Aptive Environmental today to book your first appointment and start living pest-free.

Commercial Pest Control in Chicago

Pests can damage your business’s products and reputation. Trust the specialists at Aptive to keep pests away from your hard work. We have the knowledge and tools to control infestations and treat businesses in a dozen industries, including manufacturing, retail, medical and more.

We use eco-friendly products to treat facilities without disrupting your productivity. Don’t let bugs or rodents affect your business—call Aptive to handle pests so you can focus on your best work.

How Aptive Controls Pests for Chicago Businesses

  • Aptive professionals will customize a treatment plan for the specific size and industry of your business.
  • We have the expertise to control pest infestations quickly so your team can get back to work.
  • Eco-friendly techniques are responsible for the environment and good for your company and customers.

Tips for Keeping Pests Out of Chicago Homes

Learning about what attracts pests and making a few changes in your habits are the first steps toward keeping them away. You can start by making sure that all pantry foods are stored in airtight containers—glass or metal—that bugs can’t sneak into. Set a schedule to vacuum and sweep as often as possible to pick up crumbs that attract rodents and insects.

Don’t forget to wipe counters and eating surfaces to clean up spills that can bring roaches. Finally, change garbage bags as soon as they’re full and store them away from your house until they’re picked up.

Does your family compost? Over 30% of all household waste in the U.S. is organic material, and composting is a great way to reduce that amount. Unfortunately, it can also increase the risk of attracting insects and rodents. To avoid a serious pest problem, follow these tips for safe composting:

If you’re composting outside, bury the material at least a few inches in the ground to make it less accessible to rodents.

If you use a bin, block the opening with wire, sticks or rocks.

Pouring a layer of dirt or dried leaves over the composting material can also help mask its strong smell and avoid attracting pests.

It might be surprising to learn that some pests can actually help the composting process. Pill bugs and slugs thrive in decomposing organic material, aerating the soil as they move through it. While you don’t necessarily want these creatures in your garden, their effects are beneficial to the chemical reactions that make composting possible.

If you notice these or any other pests spreading to your plants or near your home, call Aptive right away to control them.

Seasonal Pest Forecast for Chicago, IL

Aptive Environmental offers the best eco-friendly pest control services for homes and businesses in Chicago. We know which pests are most active during each season and how to target them with our Four Seasons Protection Plan. Our experts will treat your property at the beginning of each season. Plus, we’ll come back in between regular appointments absolutely free if you notice any surprise pest appearances.

Expert knowledge and outstanding customer service make Aptive the right choice for your pest control needs. Read more about the common pests during different seasons in Chicago.

Pests Active in Spring in Chicago

Springtime pests in Chicago include bees, ants and other insects that overwintered during the cold months. Wasps and rodents also tend to become more active as they reemerge at this time. Clean your kitchen and eating areas carefully, as these pests will be hungry and searching for food.

Pests Active in Summer in Chicago

Earwigs are frequently a problem pest in the summer. High humidity and standing water attract these nocturnal pests to bathrooms, basements and other damp areas. Crickets can also become a problem during the summer, producing a lot of noise and, if they enter homes, potentially eating clothing or other fabric.

Pests Active in Fall in Chicago

Rodents can be a particularly dangerous pest as the weather cools. Mice and rats, signalled by the shortening days, look for ways into homes for winter shelter. Rodents nesting in a house’s walls can chew through wiring and destroy furniture. Cockroaches are generally active all year but, like other pests, there’s an increased risk for infestations when it’s cold.

Pests Active in Winter in Chicago

While rodents look for tiny holes to squeeze into homes and ants might find shelter in cracks in a home’s foundations, spiders prefer building webs in dark corners (attics and closets, for example) and areas near windows and doors. Spiders can be beneficial, as they help control insect populations, but few people want these pests spending the winter in their homes.

Call Aptive Environmental today to prepare for pests anytime of the year. We’ll keep these common insects and rodents under control and out of your home so you can live comfortably. Call us today to get a free quote on customized, eco-friendly pest control solutions for your Chicago home.

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