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If pests have gotten into your home or business, or if you simply want to protect yourself from the risk of infestation, it’s time to call the professionals. Aptive Environmental specializes in eco-friendly pest control for infestations of any size in residential and commercial buildings in Cincinnati.

Our team will treat your entire property—inside and outside—to block entry points and target the most active pests. With a custom plan designed specifically for your home, Aptive works hard to protect you all year. Call our Cincinnati branch today to learn more about our responsible and effective pest control solutions.

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Aptive Cincinnati Eco-Friendly Pest Control

  • Personalized service starts with a thorough inspection to find target areas and potential entry points.
  • The Four Seasons Protection Plan ensures that pests stay out of your home throughout the year.
  • Our eco-friendly techniques are pet-friendly, too. We make pest control convenient for your lifestyle.

The experts at Aptive are passionate about protecting Cincinnati homes from damaging pests. Controlling infestations is as easy as contacting your local Aptive branch. Call us today to get a free quote and book your first appointment.

Pest Control for Businesses in Cincinnati

Bugs and rodents can cause serious damage to your business’s products and reputation. Don’t risk losing hard work and money to a pest infestation. Trust the specialists at Aptive to control pests quickly and keep them away from your facilities.

We use eco-friendly techniques to treat businesses without disrupting productivity. With expert knowledge and industry-leading tools, Aptive keeps pests out of commercial buildings in a dozen industries, including offices, shopping centers, daycare centers and more. Don’t let bugs distract you from success. Call Aptive Environmental to protect your business.

How Aptive Prevents Pests in Cincinnati Businesses

  • Aptive pest experts customize a treatment plan for the specific size and industry of your business.
  • We use effective, eco-friendly techniques to target pests and control infestations quickly so your team can get back to work.
  • From inspection to treatments, our team is ready to help and flexible to meet the needs of your company.

How to Prevent Pests in Cincinnati Homes

The first step in preventing pests from entering your home is learning what attracts them. A few small changes in your habits can help make your home less interesting to bugs and rodents. You can start by making sure that all pantry foods are stored in metal or glass containers that pests can’t chew through.

Sweeping and vacuuming regularly helps clean up crumbs that become easy food sources for cockroaches and rodents. If possible, it also helps to eat only in one or two rooms so that there’s less space to clean. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink; hungry pests can climb onto counters. Finally, change garbage bags as soon as they’re full and store them away from your house until they’re picked up.

Many households compost to help the environment by reducing waste. However, while it’s good for the soil, composting can attract pests to your home or garden. To avoid a potential infestation, follow these tips for safe composting:

If you’re composting outside, bury the waste several inches in the ground to hide it from rodents and other scavengers.

If you use a dedicated bin, make sure its lid closes tightly. If you’re using a container outside, block its opening with sticks, rocks or wire.

You can partially hide the smell from pests by pouring dirt or dried leaves on top of the composting material.

You might be surprised to learn that some pests can help the composting process. Pill bugs and slugs are examples of pests that can speed up the chemical reactions by aerating the soil as they move through it.

However, you don’t necessarily want these creatures in your garden. If you notice these or any other pests spreading to your plants or near your home, call Aptive right away to schedule a treatment.

Seasonal Pest Forecast for Cincinnati

Aptive Environmental is the best choice for professional pest control services in Cincinnati. Our friendly team has the expertise to target the pests that are most active in each season. Our Four Seasons Protection Plan is specially designed to protect homes and businesses all year with a new treatment at the beginning of each season. Our industry-leading warranty means that, if you notice pests in between scheduled appointments, we’ll come back to control them, absolutely free.

Expert knowledge and outstanding customer service make Aptive the right choice for your pest control needs. Read more about the common pests during different seasons in Cincinnati.

Common Spring Pests in Cincinnati

Ants are a common spring pest almost everywhere. As these tiny insects reemerge, you’ll see lines of them marching along sidewalks, driveways and maybe even your kitchen floor. Other pests you’ll probably see more in the spring include wasps and rodents.

Common Summer Pests in Cincinnati

Summer is the time for yard and garden pests. Slugs and snails thrive in wet soil after heavy rains. Wasps and yellow jackets frequently disrupt picnics and cookouts, building nests under roofs and in garages. More time spent outdoors also means a higher risk of pets and people picking up fleas or ticks.

Common Fall Pests in Cincinnati

The shorter days and cooler weather in fall can drive some pests indoors. Mice can squeeze through tiny holes to enter walls and build nests. Spiders also look for dark, cluttered corners to build nests where they can catch other insects as prey. Cockroaches remain active almost all year but might prefer to be in sheds, garages or homes during the colder months.

Common Winter Pests in Cincinnati

It’s common for many pests to overwinter out of sight, but that doesn’t make them less of a problem. Rodents, in particular, can damage wiring and furniture as they build nests for the winter. Spiders and roaches that have come indoors will continue to hunt and scavenge—you might see them in your kitchen, attic or basement. Even fleas that were accidentally carried inside might try to survive the winter on furniture or carpets.

Call Aptive Environmental today to prepare for pests anytime of the year. We’ll keep these common insects and rodents under control and out of your home so you can live comfortably. Call us today to get a free quote on customized, eco-friendly pest control solutions for your Cincinnati home.

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