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No homeowner or business wants pests invading their property and putting the things they love at risk. If you’ve seen pests or simply want to protect yourself for the future, it’s time to call the professionals. Aptive Environmental specializes in eco-friendly pest control for infestations of any size in residential and commercial buildings in Columbus.

Our expert team will treat your property inside and out—serviced areas include your yard, garage, garden and more. With a custom plan designed specifically for your home, Aptive works hard to protect you all year. Call our Columbus branch today to learn more about our responsible pest control solutions.

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733 E. Lakeview Plaza Blvd. Ste E Worthington, Oh 43085

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Aptive Columbus Eco-Friendly Pest Control

  • Your first appointment starts with a detailed inspection to identify target areas and entry points.
  • With our Four Seasons Protection Plan, your home will receive a fresh treatment every season to ensure comprehensive protection all year.
  • Our eco-friendly techniques are pet-friendly, too. We prioritize convenience and responsibility as we control pests.

Aptive’s team of professionals is passionate about protecting Columbus homes from damage caused by pests. Don’t take on bugs and rodents alone; choose convenience and call your local Aptive branch today for a free quote.

Commercial Pest Control for Columbus Businesses

Bugs and rodents can pose serious threats to your business’s reputation and bottom line. It’s important to protect your products and facilities from damaging pests. The pest specialists at Aptive make pest control for commercial buildings easy.

Our techniques are environmentally friendly and customized to the size and industry of your business. We have the expertise to treat facilities in a dozen industries, including medical offices, retail spaces, daycare centers and more. Whether your company works out of a small office or a huge warehouse, you can trust the professionals at Aptive to control pests and protect your hard work from damage.

Aptive Pest Prevention in Columbus Businesses

  • Our team will tailor a pest control plan to the specific needs of your business based on a number of factors, including size, location and industry.
  • We use eco-friendly techniques to target pests and quickly control infestations of any size.
  • From inspection to treatments, our team is ready to work as hard for your business as you do.

Tips for Preventing Pests in Columbus Homes

Pest prevention starts with learning about what attracts them to homes—food, water and shelter—and how to make simple changes to your habits to solve these problems. You can start by making sure that any foods you store in the pantry or cabinets are sealed in airtight, metal or glass containers.

It’s also important to sweep and vacuum the floors as often as possible to pick up the crumbs that mice and cockroaches love. If you can limit eating to one room, it makes clean up easier because there’s less space to cover. Always wash dishes or put them in the dishwasher after you’re done with them. Pests can climb onto counters to reach dirty plates, contaminating eating surfaces. Changing garbage bags as soon as they’re full is another simple way to avoid attracting pests.

Many U.S. households are composting food leftovers and other organic materials to reduce the amount of waste they produce. It’s great for the environment (and can benefit your garden soil). However, it can also attract pests to your home. To avoid infestation, follow these tips for safe composting:

Composting outside can add nutrients to the soil. Bury your compost pile at least eight inches in the ground to make it less accessible to pests.

If you’re using a dedicated bin, make sure its lid closes tightly. If it doesn’t have a lid, you can also block the opening with sticks or wire to keep rodents out.

Adding a layer of dried leaves or dirt on top of the composting material can help mask the smell and make it more difficult for bugs to find.

There are some pests that can actually help the composting process by aerating the material as they move through it. However, you still don’t want to see pill bugs, slugs or other pests crawling around your garden, as they can spread to other plants or even move indoors. If you see pest activity in or around your house, call Aptive right away to schedule a treatment.

Seasonal Pest Forecast for Columbus

The friendly team at Aptive Environmental has the expertise to target the pests that are most active in each season. The Four Seasons Protection Plan is designed to protect homes all year and comes with an industry-leading warranty: if you notice pests at any time, we’ll come back to control them, absolutely free.

Expert knowledge and outstanding customer service make Aptive the best choice for your pest control needs. Read more about the common pests during different seasons in Columbus.

Most Active Spring Pests in Columbus

In the spring, many pests become active again after overwintering underground or in less desirable places—attics, walls, garages. Ants, in particular, become common sights on sidewalks, driveways and kitchen floors. Other insects, including yellow jackets and wasps, also start searching for food.

Most Active Summer Pests in Columbus

Warm summer weather brings people outside, where pest activity is at its highest. Stinging insects often interrupt cookouts while ants quickly find ways into the picnic foods. Ticks and fleas can become serious problems in the summer when pets and people spend more time near grassy and wooded areas.

Most Active Fall Pests in Columbus

Cockroaches, which are generally active all year, might become especially noticeable if they start moving indoors when temperatures cool. Mice squeeze through tiny holes for the same reason. Spiders, meanwhile, build webs where they can catch insects. If the insects start entering homes, so will spiders.

Most Active Winter Pests in Columbus

Winter might seem like a quiet time for pests, but they can still cause problems. Mice that have found ways inside can damage wiring and furniture as they build nests. Spiders can build a number of webs in attics, basements and other storage areas. Cockroaches can multiply and spread extremely quickly. Seeing one means there might already be an infestation.

Don’t risk infestation during any season of the year. Call Aptive Environmental today for a free quote on customized, eco-friendly pest control solutions for your Columbus home.

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