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Keeping pests out of homes and businesses in Corona and Orange County is easy with professional pest control from Aptive Environmental. Spiders, rodents and other pests can damage homes and become large infestations if they’re not treated properly. Bugs, mice and rats can pose health risks to your family, too. Protect your home or business from pests by calling Aptive Environmental to schedule your first service appointment.

Our experts use eco-friendly techniques and products to control pests in Orange County homes and businesses. Sustainable, effective service means you can feel good about removing bugs from your home while supporting a healthier environment. After a thorough inspection of your property, inside and out, we develop a custom treatment plan that ensures the best protection all year. Aptive makes pest control more convenient than ever—you don’t even have to be home for regular service appointments.

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Eco-Friendly Pest Control from Aptive Environmental

  • During your first appointment, Aptive professionals inspect in and around your home to identify target areas.
  • We tailor a pest control plan to the size and shape of your property to protect your home, garden and yard.
  • Our treatment methods are eco-friendly and convenient for you. They’re pet-friendly, too!
  • Friendly support is always available over the phone to answer any questions.

Let the professionals control pests conveniently and effectively at your home. Call Aptive Environmental in Orange County today at (714) 630-2847 for a free quote and to schedule service in the Corona area.

Why are Pests Attracted to Homes in Corona?

Common pests move indoors looking for the same things that make our homes comfortable to us: food, water and warmth. Kitchens offer a variety of easy food sources, such as crumbs, spills, dirty plates and unsealed pantry items. When food is accessible, bugs and rodents find ways inside through cracks in walls, open windows and other hidden entryways.

Preventing an infestation starts with keeping pests outside. This means lots of cleaning, sealing and keeping a close watch on your garden and yard. If pests have already found ways inside, it’s important to control them as quickly as possible. Defending against pests on your own is difficult. Calling Aptive makes it easy.

The team at Aptive Environmental has the tools and expertise to control infestations of any size and protect your home from pests all year. Our techniques prioritize convenience so we don’t disrupt your lifestyle.

Aptive’s Four Seasons Protection Plan is designed to keep pests out of your home all year. We know which common Corona pests are most active during the different seasons and we’re prepared to keep them away from your home. Call today for a free quote and schedule your first appointment.

Commercial Pest Control in Orange County

Pests are bad news for businesses in Corona and Orange County. Damaged products and a damaged reputation are only two of the potential consequences of a pest infestation. Aptive Environmental’s commercial pest control keeps your business pest-free.

With customized solutions for the size and industry of your company, Aptive delivers effective, eco-friendly pest control services. The Four Seasons Protection Plan is built for businesses, too—let our professionals treat your workspaces without disrupting productivity.

You work hard for the success of your business. Aptive specializes in keeping pests away so you can keep do your best work.

Aptive Environmental Protects Businesses in Corona

  • Aptive commercial pest control starts with a detailed inspection of your workspace and facilities.
  • Our experts design a customized treatment plan based on a number of factors, including industry, size and product type.
  • Aptive uses convenient, eco-friendly methods that minimize disruptions while targeting and preventing pests.

Pest Prevention Tips for Orange County Homeowners

Many factors attract pests to Orange County homes, including food, water and sheltered places to build nests or lay eggs. Crumbs, spills and dirty dishes all give pests easy access to food. Then, it only takes a small tear in a window screen or a crack in the foundation to let pests into a home.

Knowing what causes pests to come inside will help you avoid attracting them in the first place. Storing pantry foods in sealed metal or glass containers is one of the most important steps to take. Good cleaning habits are also necessary to keep pests out. Wash dishes every day and vacuum regularly. And don’t forget to change garbage bags as soon as they’re full. Making small changes to your habits will help protect your home from pests.

Composting, a sustainable practice that’s becoming more and more popular, can also attract pests. 30% of all household waste in the U.S. is organic materials and many people use composting to help reduce this waste. Unfortunately, composting offers an easy food source for bugs and rodents. These quick composting tips can reduce the risk of pest infestations:

If you’re composting outside, bury the pile at least 8” in the ground so rodents can’t easily access it.

If you’re composting in a bin, create a barrier with wire, sticks, rocks or anything else that will close it off from pests.

Pouring dirt or dried leaves over the compost can partially mask the smell of the food materials inside, reducing the chances of attracting pests.

Is It True That Some Pests Can Help Composting?

Some pests, such as pill bugs and slugs, can actually help the composting process. These pests aerate the mixture as they move through it, accelerating the chemical reactions. They also leave behind natural fertilizer that helps the materials break down. However, these pests can quickly become a problem on nearby plants. If you notice pill bugs, slugs or other pests, call Aptive right away to schedule customized service.

Seasonal Pest Forecast for Corona, CA

Each new season brings changes in pest activity. Aptive Environmental knows which pests become most active during each time of year. We’re prepared to protect your home throughout the year with our industry-leading Four Seasons Protection Plan. A fresh treatment at the beginning of each season keeps your home protected from that season’s most common pests.

Aptive Environmental makes pest control simple and convenient. Homes and businesses count on our Four Seasons Protection Plan to protect them from pests all year. Call today to get a free quote and learn more about how we’ll customize an eco-friendly pest control solution for your home.

Common Spring Pests in Orange County

Spring is the season when many pests return to being active after hiding for the winter. Large colonies of pavement ants are common around soil but might also venture indoors. Wasps look for places to lay eggs. Use caution when walking pets because warming weather also increases flea activity.

Common Summer Pests in Orange County

Ants and wasps become even more active during the summer months. Slugs and snails thrive in hot, humid weather when summer rains soften the soil. Lots of outdoor activity also increases the risks of fleas and ticks attaching themselves to people or their pets.

Common Fall Pests in Orange County

The arrival of fall signals to some pests to look for shelter indoors, despite Orange County’s mild winters. While fleas can continue to thrive as long as temperatures stay warm, other pests, such as mice and rats, prefer to hide in walls and basements during the chilly nights. You might also see ants in the kitchen if they’ve found a way inside.

Common Winter Pests in Orange County

Brown and black widow spiders often remain active through mild winters, sometimes entering homes and building webs in hard-to-reach places. Tiny house mice and larger Norway rats can cause serious damage if they chew wiring or furniture to build nests.

The Four Seasons Protection Plan from Aptive Environmental is specially designed to prevent pest infestations year-round by targeting each season’s most active pests. Call our Corona branch today to schedule treatment for your home.

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