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It’s never good to see pests crawling around in your home, business or lawn. But bugs and rodents are persistent in their attempts to get inside in search of food, putting our families and pets at risk. If you see pests in your home or if you want to be proactive in defending what you love, call Aptive Environmental’s professional pest control team. Our specialists are committed to making your home comfortable and pest-free. We use only eco-friendly products and responsible methods that won’t put you, your pets or your things at risk. With service to properties in Deerfield Beach, the Fort Lauderdale area and nationwide, Aptive is the best choice to handle pest issues for you. Call today to learn more about our progressive pest control solutions.

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11860 W State Road 84 Suite B13, Davie, Fl 33325

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How to Keep Pests Away from Your House

The easiest, most effective way to keep pests away from your house in the first place is controlling the things that attract them. Keeping food in tightly sealed metal or glass containers, storing food in the refrigerator, and regularly changing garbage bags eliminates the smells that bring pests looking for food. Sweeping up crumbs from floors and counters and washing dishes right away also helps to make your home less obvious to hungry bugs and rodents.

Many people are composting to reduce the amount of waste they produce. 30% of household waste in the U.S. is made up of organic materials, so composting helps keep some of that out of landfills. Unfortunately, that pile of food scraps is like a buffet laid out for pests. Use our helpful tips to prevent pests from getting into your compost bin or garbage cans.

  • Keep animal products, such as leftover meat, fats and bones, in sealed containers until you can take them to a dedicated composting facility.
  • Consider burying your compost pile at least 8 inches in the ground to hide it from rodents.
  • Mask the smell of your garbage can or compost bin by adding a layer of dry leaves or dirt to it.
  • Keep garbage away from your house and surround compost bins with obstacles like sticks or wire.

Helpful Pests for Gardening and Composting

We know how it sounds, but it’s true: some pests can actually benefit your garden soil and compost pile. For example, pill bugs and slugs produce natural fertilizer. They also aerate the soil and other composting material as they navigate through them, assisting the chemical reactions and improving oxygen flow. However, they’re still pests—it’s likely they’ll move onto other plants in your garden or even into your home if given the chance. As soon as you see signs of this or notice spiders, earwigs or wasps coming around, call Aptive’s local branch in Deerfield Beach, FL to discuss treatment plans.

What Attracts Pests to Your Home?

No one wants to find pests in or around their home but, unfortunately, we share with them a taste for water, sweet snacks, and fresh garden plants. Bugs are determined to get to the crumbs you didn’t even notice under your table. More than a nuisance, these pests can bring serious risks to your family and pets. The best way to keep them out and prevent an infestation is to clean regularly and thoroughly, eliminating smells that attract pests to food.

Don’t worry about storing chemicals to take on pests on your own. Count on Aptive Environmental to treat your home with the best, most responsible pest control products available. Our attention to detail is what raises the quality of our service above the rest. With Aptive, you’ll be covered all year from the most common pests active in the Fort Lauderdale area. Call our experts today to schedule professional service.

The Aptive Environmental Approach: Eco-Friendly Pest Control

  • After conducting a detailed inspection, Aptive professionals design a customized service plan for your property.
  • Using pet-friendly methods, we control pests in a responsible and effective way.
  • Treatments cover homes and businesses of all shapes and sizes, year-round.
  • We deliver the best customer service and most convenient treatment plans for you.

Aptive makes pest control simple and worry-free. Make your home comfortable and secure from pests by calling Aptive Environmental at Deerfield Beach today to schedule service.

Common Pests for Each Season in Florida

Knowing which pests are most active during the different seasons in Southern Florida is what makes Aptive Environmental so effective at controlling them. We created our Four Seasons Protection Plan to deal with these changes in activity. With this system, our specialists visit your home or business quarterly to specifically target that season’s most common pests. Plus, our unbeatable warranty covers you for additional visits in between seasons to treat any surprise pest appearances.

Our passion for knowledgeable service and dedication to our customers makes Aptive the best pest control company for homes and businesses in the Fort Lauderdale area. You’ll feel good knowing that our techniques are pet-friendly and environmentally friendly while still being fully effective. Call our Deerfield Beach branch today for a free quote, and keep reading to learn more about the common seasonal pests in Florida.

Common Spring Pests

Fire ants and pharaoh ants are the most common nuisances around homes in Florida. As flowers bloom in the spring, bees and other insects come to pollinate them. Spring is also the time when ant colonies emerge from winter hiding and return to lawns and sidewalks. Cockroaches also become active outdoors again with the return of hot weather.

Common Fall Pests

Fall signals to pests that they’ll soon need shelter for the winter, causing mice, rats and ants to search for ways into warm homes. It’s important for homeowners in Deerfield Beach to inspect attics and garages for bees’ nests that might have been built over the summer.

Common Summer Pests

Black widow and brown recluse spiders are particularly terrifying pests to encounter in the summer but they’re only dangerous to people if they’re disturbed. Cockroaches and ants continue to bother homes in the summer months, too. Meanwhile, piles of garbage bags often attract rodents during the night.

Common Winter Pests

Rodents are dangerous to homes if they’ve gotten inside for the winter, as they can damage wiring building nests in the walls. Spiders and cockroaches remain active indoors through the winter. And nocturnal silverfish are most often seen in the cold months, feeding on paper, glue, starch and textiles.

Aptive’s innovative Four Seasons Protection Plan is designed to prevent these and other pests from invading your home and lawn. Call Aptive today to learn more about how our personalized service will protect your home from pests, year in and year out.

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Aptive Pest Control for Florida Businesses

Pests are a serious vulnerability that business owners might not think about as often as they should. Insects and rodents can damage your products, bring fines and hurt your reputation. Aptive Environmental cares about the success of your business as much as you do. We’re ready to treat minor or serious infestations and protect your business from future pest problems. Whether it’s a pharmacy, funeral home or in one of a dozen other industries, Aptive will personalize a service plan for your company.

Specialists from Aptive Environmental are dedicated to keeping your facilities safe for employees and customers. Our eco-friendly pest management products minimize risks to people and merchandise, letting you stay productive while we make your properties pest-free. Large or small, Aptive is ready to control pests at your business so you can work better in a comfortable environment. Call today to schedule service at your office or facilities.

About Eco-Friendly Commercial Pest Control

  • Aptive professionals will identify target areas and tailor a treatment plan to the size and industry of your business.
  • Responsible pest control methods are better for the environment and for your workplace.
  • Our Four Seasons Protection Plan means your company is covered all year long.
  • Friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives are passionate about helping you.

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