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Identifying Fleas

Fleas are flat and very small in size. Adult fleas typically measure anywhere between 1.5 to 3.2 mm. They are shiny and are typically reddish brown in color. Fleas do not have wings and cannot fly. Fleas jump and are capable of jumping long distances in order to move from host to host.

Where Do Fleas Live?

Fleas can live both outside and inside. However, because they feed on blood, they need a host in order to survive. Before latching onto a host, fleas thrive in humid and warm areas. Your yard can be a great home for fleas, especially if you have woodpiles and tall grass. Indoors, adult fleas will live on a host, most likely your cat or dog. Flea eggs and larvae do not live on hosts. They live in areas like your pet’s bed or other places your pet relaxes such as carpet or furniture.

Flea Behavior

Fleas are parasites and feed on the blood of host animals. These hosts are typically furry or hairy animals such as dogs, cats, squirrels, rodents, rabbits and raccoons.

Fleas are able to reproduce and spread quickly. Female fleas can lay around 18 eggs per day. Of course, with more fleas come more eggs. Pet beds, carpet, upholstery, and bedding are all popular places for a female flea to lay eggs.

How To Identify A Flea Bite

While your pets are most at risk for being bitten, fleas can bite humans as well. If you are bitten by a flea, you will develop a red bump along with a red “halo” around the bite site. Bites tend to be in groups of three or four, and sometimes appear in a straight line. These red spots are extremely itchy and often cause discomfort.

If you are going to be bitten by a flea, you will more likely be bitten on the legs and feet. If you discover you have flea bites, you should wash the bite sites and use an antiseptic. Furthermore, you should try to resist the urge to scratch these bites as much as possible and try using lotions to help soothe the itching instead.

For humans, the risk of contracting a disease from a flea is very small. More than anything, they are annoying. This is a different story for your pet. Fleas can cause many health problems in your pets. You should take your pet to the vet if you discover fleas in their hair or in your home.

What Attracts Fleas To Houses?

Your home isn’t what catches a flea’s attention, it is your pet. Fleas will attach to your cat or dog when they are outside, and your pet will unknowingly bring them into your home. Signs you may have fleas include:

  1. Your dog or cat scratches itself incessantly.
  2. You find flea dirt, or adult flea feces, in pet beds, carpet, and other areas your pet frequents. Flea dirt resembles course, ground black pepper.
  3. You see fleas jumping and landing on you or your pets.
How To Get Rid Of Fleas

Preventing and controlling fleas can be difficult as it doesn’t take them long to lay eggs, hatch, and spread. The best way to prevent them is to eliminate any outdoor habitats and talk to your veterinarian about any flea control pet products. You should also make sure any cracks or holes leading into your home are fixed and sealed well. This will prevent any infested hosts, such as rodents, from getting into your home and spreading fleas to your pets.

There is also a series of steps you need to take while exterminating fleas. This includes:

  1. Talk to a veterinarian about treating your pet for fleas.
  2. Vacuum carpet and rugs frequently and clean the filter or bag after every use.
  3. Sweep and mop any tile or hardwood floors.
  4. Wash your pet’s bedding as well as your own. If the infestation is particularly bad, consider throwing away your pet’s bedding completely.

Regain Your Peace Of Mind

Eliminating fleas is a lot of work and many common sprays won’t completely solve your problem. Rather than taking matters into your own hands, you should call an Aptive professional to help. Aptive’s dedicated team uses the best, eco-friendly methods to effectively remove fleas and to ensure that your home is protected for the future.

Aptive professionals make effective, eco-friendly pest control convenient for you. Our treatments, customized to your home or business, protect you from fleas and other pests all year-round.

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