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When pests come into your home, lawn, garden or business, they’re invading your personal space. They can put your family and pets at risk and hurt the reputation of your business. Don’t take on pests alone. Aptive Environmental is the best choice for pest control in New Jersey and nationwide. We deliver innovative, environmentally friendly pest management solutions that prioritize the comfort and safety of our customers. With helpful, knowledgeable customer service ready to answer your questions at any time, Aptive takes the worry out of pest control and helps make your life easier. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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Eco-Friendly Pest Control with Aptive Environmental

  • Pest-free living begins with a detailed inspection of your property, inside and out, by an Aptive professional.
  • Our team will develop a service plan that’s customized to the size and shape of your home or business.
  • As part of our Four Seasons Protection Plan, we’ll apply a new treatment each season to maintain year-round protection.
  • Our responsible products and methods protect your family and the environment, making your home safer without being harmful to the world around us.

We’re passionate about excellence in providing homes in New Jersey and across the country with effective pest control. Living worry-free is as easy as calling our Hillsborough branch at (609) 333-2847.

What Attracts Pests to Your Home?

Pests are never welcome visitors in our homes and they’re even less welcome once they’ve started building nests. Even tiny openings in walls or windows can invite pests toward the smell of food. The best ways to keep pests out are sweeping and cleaning regularly to remove any potential food sources. When good cleaning habits aren’t enough, call Aptive Environmental.

While pests are experts at finding food in your home, Aptive professionals are experts at finding pests. We control pests quickly and keep them away with regular treatments. Our pest specialists know how to cut off pests’ entryways and remove them from your property. We’ll protect your family all year long, so you can feel comfortable and happy in your home. Call our Hillsborough branch today to discuss personalized service plans.

How to Keep Your Home Pest-Free

To keep pests out of your home, focus on thorough cleaning. Leaving crumbs on the ground, food on the counter, or plates in the sink is a quick way to invite bugs to dinner. To avoid accidentally attracting pests, keep food sealed in metal or glass containers or store it in the refrigerator. Wash dishes as soon as you’re done with them or close them in the dishwasher. Remember to change garbage bags when they’re full, too, and, if possible, store them away from your house until garbage pickup day. Other ways to prevent pests include sealing holes and cracks around pipes or utilities outside your home and keeping trees and plants trimmed so that they’re not close to your walls.

Many homes in New Jersey and across the country are composting to help cut down on the waste entering landfills. 30% of the waste produced by U.S. households is organic materials, so composting is great for the environment. It even benefits your garden. However, leftover food waste that goes into compost bins also attracts hungry pests. Follow our simple tips to prevent bugs and rodents from taking over your garden or compost bin.

  • Control strong food smells in garbage cans or compost bins by adding a layer of dry soil and leaves.
  • Don’t put meat, bones or other animal products into your bin; instead, compost them at a dedicated local facility.
  • Block off your compost bin with wire, bricks or whatever materials you have handy that can work as obstacles for pests.
  • If you compost in the ground, burying your pile at least 8 inches deep can keep pests away from it.

Helpful Pests, Your Garden and Composting

You might not expect to hear this, but some pests are beneficial to composting and to your garden—to a certain extent. For example, pill bugs and slugs help the chemical reactions in composting by aerating the soil as they move through it. These pests also produce natural fertilizer that mixes in with your garden soil. But it’s important to make sure they’re not damaging the other plants in your garden or moving into your house. If you see this happening, or notice spiders, earwigs, or other unwelcome pests starting to come around, call Aptive right away. Our pest specialists will control the problem quickly.

Pest Forecast for the Hillsborough Area

At Aptive, we understand that, as seasons change, so does pest activity. Because of this, we created our Four Seasons Protection Plan, the best year-round pest control plan in the industry. Through quarterly treatments, we protect your home from the most active pests during every time of year. Expert knowledge allows our experienced professionals to pinpoint the most at-risk areas of your property and secure those areas with our eco-friendly products.

In addition, our service is backed by an industry-leading warranty. If pests come back in between regular treatments, we’ll come back too—free of charge. Our commitment to success makes Aptive the best choice for pest control service at your home or business. Call today for a free quote and learn more about what seasonal pests to expect in New Jersey.

Pests Active in Spring

Spring is the season in which many pests wake up from their winter hibernation or come out from hiding. Among these pests are ant colonies and stinging insects. Ants, especially those that wintered in the walls of a home, can be a serious nuisance when they become active again. Bees and wasps often spend the spring building their new nests around roofs and trees.

Pests Active in Fall

The cool fall weather signals to pests that it’s time to find shelter for the winter, and this often leads them inside homes. Rodents, especially, look for tiny holes through which to enter. Stinging insects might become more hostile towards people as they try to feed their large nests. Ants can move colonies into walls or beneath foundations to escape the cold.

Pests Active in Summer

While ants, bees and wasps continue to interrupt outdoor activities through the summer, other pests also become more active. Spiders build webs near the bright lights outside homes that attract their favorite food: other bugs. Cockroaches also search for food outside and inside, preferring tall grass and areas of the home with lots of moisture.

Pests Active in Winter

In winter, the threat of pests is mostly indoors. Spiders might have built webs in attics or storage areas. Cockroaches continue to look for food in pantries and under furniture. Rodents can cause serious damage if they start chewing through wiring as they build nests in the walls.

Aptive Environmental designed the Four Seasons Protection Plan to keep common seasonal pests controlled and out of your home during every season. Call today to discuss custom pest control service for your home or business.

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Aptive Commercial Pest Control Solutions

Protecting your business from pests is important to the success of your company. Bugs and rodents can damage inventory, turn away customers, cause fines and severely hurt your company’s bottom line. Don’t let your hard work fall victim to pests. Call Aptive Environmental in Hillsborough to manage pests quickly and safeguard your business for the future. Whether your company is small or large, in manufacturing, property management, or one of over a dozen other industries, Aptive knows how to help.

Count on Aptive to protect your facilities from pests and make your workplace comfortable and secure. We’re the only pest control company that’s as dedicated to the success of your business as you are. Using eco-friendly techniques, we solve pest problems without putting your employees or customers at risk. With service tailored specifically to your company, we make pest management simple and help your business operate more efficiently. Call today to learn more about how Aptive can help you address rodent and pest issues at work.

Aptive Commercial Pest Control in New Jersey

  • Our pest specialists are ready to help businesses in various industries, from pharmacies to funeral homes and more.
  • Effective, responsible pest management methods are better for your company and for the environment.
  • Protect your employees and customers from pests year-round with Aptive’s Four Seasons Protection Plan.
  • Quick, lasting solutions improve productivity by keeping your workplace safe from pests.

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