Common Local Pests

Fire Ants
American Roaches
Hobo Spider
Pharaoh Ants

What is the Biggest Pest Problem in Houston?

We receive many calls about a variety of pest control services. Ant control is a year round concern in Houston as well as cockroach extermination. Once Aptive does a thorough outdoor pest control treatment each quarter, we can prevent the majority of issues that you might see on the interior. Aptive Environmental customers love that we will go above and beyond insect control on the ground by sweeping spider webs around the upper eaves of the home. Wasp nest removal is vital here and is also included as part of our residential service.

What Other Pest Problems Can Aptive Solve?

Here in Houston we get asked alot about our rodent pest control services. There are a variety of mice and rats that we deal with here and do a great job of finding and taking care of these issues. Mice removal tends to be an interior issue while rat removal can be both interior and exterior. Regardless of the type of mice or rat. Aptive Environmental is the best solution to your insect or rodent problem.

Pest Control Prevention Tips

Indoor and Outdoor Pest Control

Aptive Environmental is known for being the top rated pest control service in the greater Houston area for extreme customer service and quality pest control. Our well trained office staff is available daily to answer any questions and meet your needs. They can assist in scheduling, rescheduling, taking payment information, and answering account questions.

Outdoor Tip #1

Fit screens, replace old weather-stripping on doors and windows, and ensure foundation and attic vents are gap-free.

Our Service Professionals are not just exterminators they go above and beyond to search your home and property for solutions. They also give advice that you as the homeowner can do to help control future indoor and outdoor infestations.

Indoor Tip #2

Check for plumbing leaks and seal gaps around pipes, particularly behind cabinets, to ensure water does not accumulate.

Save $100 on Your Initial Service!

Aptive is the industry leader in quality, affordable pest control. Save $100 on your first service and see for yourself!


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Neighborhood Feedback


Very happy with the service! We haven't seen one bug in our home this summer, that's a first! Every time we need something extra, like treatment for wasps, they are happy to help. Highly recommend aptive!

Jennie B. Houston, TX


Love Aptive. They take care of all my bug needs and for a reasonable price. I absolutely adore my service guy Billy. He was kind, polite and made sure all my questions were answered and reassured.

Jocelyn M. Houston, TX


Aptive always do a great job, communication is easy and they are always accommodating to any changes in schedule or extra visits. We just had our last service by Luis Rodriguez who was polite and efficient!

Dawn M. Houston, TX

Most Trusted in Houston

We deliver on our promises and have been awarded the label of fastest growing company in the nation. Aptive takes pride in this incredible achievement, and continue to receive positive reviews and praise for our pest and rodent management.

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