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The pest experts at Aptive Environmental make it easy to protect your home or business from bugs and rodents in Houston South. Spiders, roaches and other pests can damage your home and quickly become a large infestation that requires professional help to control. In addition to putting your family and pets at risk, some pests can ruin furniture, clothes and important documents or photos.

Call Aptive today to schedule your first appointment and start protecting against pests. Our experts have the tools and expertise to control infestations of any size. We use only eco-friendly techniques to control pests in while promoting a healthier environment. We service homes Houston South, Sugar Land and the surrounding area.

During your first service appointment, our pest specialists will thoroughly inspect your home inside and out. We’ll customize a treatment plan for the size and shape of your property. This lets us deliver maximum effectiveness and maximum convenience to control pests and keep them out.

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Eco-Friendly Pest Control from Aptive Environmental

  • Your pest-free life starts with a detailed inspection by our pest experts.
  • We tailor a control plan specifically to your home, yard and garden.
  • Experience the convenience and benefits of eco-friendly, pet-friendly pest control methods.
  • You can call our friendly customer support team anytime with questions.

Aptive Environmental controls pests with convenient, innovative techniques. Call us today at (281) 990-2847 for a free quote and to schedule service in Houston South.

Eco-Friendly Commercial Pest Control in Houston South

Don’t let bugs and rodents hurt your business’s reputation or products. Aptive Environmental commercial pest control services protect your business from harmful insects. Our eco-friendly methods make pest control convenient so you and your employees don’t lose valuable work time.

Our comprehensive Four Seasons Protection Plan controls infestations of any size and protects your employees, products and facilities from pests all year. We work with over a dozen industries, including pharmacies, shopping centers and more, to keep bugs and rodents out and customers happy.

Aptive Environmental knows how hard you work for your business. Our experts are dedicated to protecting your work by controlling pests so you and your employees can focus on productivity.

How Aptive Protects Businesses in Houston South

  • Aptive customizes commercial pest control solutions to the size, industry and other specific needs of your business.
  • Our eco-friendly techniques are more convenient and better for controlling pests in your busy workplace.
  • The Four Seasons Protection Plan protects Houston South businesses all year from damaging pests.
  • Call Aptive Environmental today to set up your first appointment and let the professionals protect all of your hard work.

Why Pests Enter Homes in Southwest Houston and Sugar Land

The most common factors that bring pests into homes are food and water. Kitchens and bathrooms often provide easy access to these basic needs, but you can make some simple changes to your habits to avoid attracting bugs in the future.

Cleaning regularly inside and outside is the best defense against pests. They won’t build nests or spread if they can’t find easy sources of food. Cleaning outside also eliminates easy hiding places and makes your home look less like a bug’s ideal habitat.

If you’ve found pests inside, controlling them as quickly as possible is key to preventing a large infestation. Calling Aptive Environmental is the easiest way to solve your pest problems and protect your home for the future. Our Four Seasons Protection Plan controls pests all year by targeting the bugs and rodents that are most active during each season.

Call us today for a free quote and learn more about how we’ll keep pests away from your home.

Tips for Houston South Homes: How to Prevent Pests

The first steps to preventing pests are learning about what attracts them and making small changes to your routines to prevent this. Good cleaning habits include regularly vacuuming and sweeping floors to pick up crumbs. Never leave dirty dishes in the sink—pests love easily-accessible leftovers.

It’s also important to wipe counters to clean up spills from cooking. Mice and bugs can climb onto a counter easily and contaminate eating surfaces. Pests can also squeeze through tiny gaps around utility pipes and windows, so be sure to seal any openings you can see on exterior walls. Finally, change garbage bags frequently and store them away from your house until they’re picked up.

Does your Houston South household compost? It’s a great way to reduce waste (research shows that 30% of all household waste in the U.S. is organic materials). Unfortunately, it can also attract pests. Whether you do it indoors or outdoors, it presents an easy food source for bugs and rodents. These quick tips can reduce the risk of attracting pests:

If your compost pile is outside, bury it 8” or deeper in the ground to help keep rodents away.

If you’re composting in a bin, use one with a lid or block the opening with wire or sticks to make it less accessible to pests.

Pouring a layer of dirt or dried leaves over the materials in your compost pile can partially mask the smell and make it more difficult for pests to find.

It might surprise you to learn that some pests, including pill bugs and slugs, can actually help the composting process. These pests thrive in the decomposing material and aerate it as they move around. However, they can quickly spread and become an infestation. If you see any pests around your compost pile or bin, call Aptive right away to control them quickly and easily.

Seasonal Pest Forecast for Houston South

Changing seasons mean changing pest activity. Even mild changes in temperature and shortened days can signal bugs and rodents to find indoor shelter. Aptive Environmental is prepared to protect your home throughout the year with our Four Seasons Protection Plan. We know when certain pests become more active and how to target them.

Homes and businesses in the Houston South and Sugar Land areas can count on Aptive’s experts to protect them from pests and deliver friendly service all year. Call us today for a free quote.

Most Common Spring Pests in Houston South

Ants are one of the most common pests in Houston and these tiny insects become fully active again each spring. Mice and rats are other pests that you don’t want to find in your home. That could mean they overwintered in the walls and reproduced.

Most Common Summer Pests in Houston South

In the hot, humid summer weather in Texas, spiders become most active building webs to catch food. Cockroaches, which remain active all year, might be especially problematic outdoors in yards or gardens in the summer. Meanwhile wasps are one stinging insect that frequently ruins outdoor events.

Most Common Fall Pests in Houston South

Wasps become even more aggressive in the fall as they try to feed their colonies with a diminishing food supply. Rodents spend the fall searching for and storing supplies, including food and nesting materials, to survive the winter.

Most Common Winter Pests in Houston South

Cold weather—even mild chills in the Houston South area—can drive pests inside. This includes fleas that can quickly infest bedding, carpets, furniture and pets. Earwigs are one of several pests that seek indoor shelter during the winter temperature drops. This can create an even larger problem when they reemerge in the spring.

Aptive’s Four Seasons Protection Plan is specially designed to prevent pest infestations year-round by targeting these different pests at the times they’re most active. Call our Houston South branch today to learn more and schedule treatment for your home.

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