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If you’re an Indianapolis home or business owner and need a reliable and diligent pest control service, Aptive Environmental is an industry leader in eco-friendly pest and rodent control. No one wants bugs or rodents in their home or workplace. Getting rid of pests is a lot of hard work and many pest control companies rely on a large amount of chemicals to deal with the problem. Aptive’s team of professional pest specialists is trained in comprehensive and customized pest control. We apply pest control products safely and responsibly, while protecting your home from rodents and pests.

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Eco-Friendly Pest Control Solutions

  • Inspect and identify any problem areas your home’s exterior or interior may have.
  • Create a customized pest control treatment plan based on your specific needs.
  • Put the safety of your family first and practice pest control methods that reduce exposure to pest control products.
  • Conduct quarterly inspections and treatments as guaranteed by our Four Seasons Protection Plan.

In addition to residential pest control services, Aptive Environmental also provides pest control for Indianapolis businesses and offices as well. Whether you oversee a large company or run a small business, Aptive can create customized commercial pest management plans that are tailored to your specific industry, infrastructure, personnel, and clientele. Call today to learn how Aptive Environmental pest control can help protect your business from pests.

Common Indianapolis, IN Pests

When outdoor conditions aren’t favorable for pests, your home acts as a source of food, water, and shelter. To prevent pests from entering your home, you must make your home less attractive to pests. Common pests in Indianapolis include:

  • Ants
  • Aphids
  • Earwigs
  • Spiders
  • Millipedes
  • Ticks

A few of these pests can turn into an infestation if not addressed quickly or properly. If you notice pests in or around your home, call an Aptive professional today to take care of the problem before it progresses.

Prevention Tips for Home & Garden Pest Control

Rodents and insects enter your home for a number of reasons. As Indiana’s temperatures drop in the fall and resources become scarce outside, rodents and insects will seek shelter, food, and water indoors. Because Indiana’s weather patterns cause fluctuations in pest activity, Aptive keeps your home and business protected with our Four Seasons Protection Plan.

Aptive’s Four Seasons Protection Plan provides Indianapolis residents and business owners with quarterly pest inspections and pest control applications. The Four Seasons Protection Plan is the most progressive and comprehensive in the industry, meaning you’re protected from pests throughout the year.

Throughout the year, rodents and insects will try to enter your home or business in search of food, water, and shelter. If food, water, and shelter is unavailable, then pests will not want to make your home their home. This means you need to eliminate favorable conditions both inside and outside your home or business in order to reduce your property’s appeal. To do so, you should:

Keep your yard well-maintained and trim back any trees or shrubbery.

Close up any spaces or gaps found along your home’s doors, windows, siding, and foundation.

Fix any leaky drains or pipes.

Keep tight-fitting, secure lids on trash bins and dispose of trash regularly.

Use air-tight containers when storing leftover food

Wipe down your home’s surfaces and clean floors regularly.

Environmental Pest Control for Indianapolis Businesses

Along with residential pest control, Aptive Environmental provides Indianapolis based businesses and companies with pest control services. No business owner wants to deal with pests. Rodents and insects can scare away customers, harm your reputation, generate fines and in extreme cases, prompt closure. No matter your size or industry, Aptive’s pest management specialists are trained to find a solution best suited to your business.

Commercial Pest Control in Indianapolis, IN

  • Inspect your business and create a comprehensive pest management plan tailored to your operations.
  • Practice eco-friendly pest control methods to minimize the risk to your employees, customers, and products.
  • Provide year-round service to address any seasonal fluctuations in pest activity.

Aptive’s pest control experts are committed to our Indianapolis business owners. Our trusted approach to pest management provides the best service for your workplace. Call our Indianapolis branch today to schedule pest control service for your home or business.

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