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At Aptive Environmental, our goal is to protect family homes from pests, keep workplaces productive, and make life easier for home and business owners across the nation. Our environmentally-conscious approach to pest control protects your family and business in a way that keeps you safe from both infestation and contaminations. A team of Service Professionals will tend to your environment with carefully-crafted, eco-friendly pest control solutions. Call our Las Vegas branch today to learn more about our responsible methods.

The Aptive Environmental Approach: Eco-Friendly Pest Control

  • Detailed preliminary inspection to provide customized pest control solutions
  • Responsible, reduced-toxicity products minimize risks to your home or business
  • Pet-friendly application process provides safe pest control for all members of the family
  • Seasonal treatments and an unmatched warranty for year-round pest control

Aptive’s environmentally friendly pest control solutions maintain your safety as our #1 priority. Our application methods, training, and techniques set us apart from other pest control companies in Las Vegas and nationwide. Book a consultation today to begin protecting your home from both pests and potential risks to your health and environment.

Regional Pests in Las Vegas

Aptive Environmental is the best residential and commercial pest control solution in San Antonio. Our environmentally-conscious approach ensures that your family, your pets and your environment are safe while being protected from bugs and rodents. With our team of professional pest specialists, you won’t have to worry about battling bugs or storing chemicals in your home. Our personalized Four Seasons Protection Plan treats your property once per season so that you can be sure that you’re protected all year long. Call today to schedule an appointment and to learn more about our responsible methods.


Whether it’s through a small gap in a pipe sealing or a spacious cavern under your door, ants can enter your home from anywhere. Most over-the-counter products are no match for the sheer volume issue of pesky pests at your home or business. That’s why residual products from Aptive Environmental attack and destroy the ants’ nests, greatly decreasing the chance of re-infestation.


Heads up, Las Vegas: if you see one cockroach in your environment, it’s likely that you haven’t seen them all. The few cockroaches you see likely means they have been forced out by overcrowding. Luckily, Aptive provides pest control solutions for 5 distinct types of cockroaches found nationwide.


Homeowners in the outskirts of Las Vegas may find themselves with a particular pest problem. Scorpions tend to seek dark environments in order to stay hidden. These pests are not only creepy to look at, but can also cause their neighbors and victims pain. If you find a scorpion in your home or work environment, pest control is essential to avoiding the risk of a sting.

Environmental Pest Control for Las Vegas Businesses

Productivity in commercial and professional settings depends on the ability to minimize distractions. A pesky ant or roach in search of a stray crumb from lunch can agitate employees and clientele in the workplace. Aptive Environmental specializes in customized pest control services for Las Vegas schools, office buildings, shopping centers, and other commercial facilities, protecting your products, profit, and people from pest infestation. No matter the size or the clientele of your business, Aptive is equipped to create a pest control solution to fit your specific needs.

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Commercial Pest Control in Las Vegas

  • Tailored approach to pest control fits the unique needs of your industry: professional, retail, education, manufacturing, medical, and more
  • Reduced-toxicity pest control solutions minimize risk to employees, customers, and products

Pest Control Prevention Tips

Aptive pest control Service Professionals are not just exterminators—they go above and beyond to search your home and property for environmentally-friendly solutions. They also give advice that you as the homeowner can do to help control future indoor and outdoor infestations. The Aptive Four Seasons Protection Plan ensures that your indoor environment stays free of pest infestations throughout the year. Even still, the occasional collection of crumbs or leaking trash receptacle can prove to be all too enticing to rodent and pest intruders. Here are a few tips to control the risk of a pest infestation in your home:

Outdoor Pest Control Tip

Replace old weather-stripping on doors and windows, and make sure that the foundation and any attic vents in your home are gap-free.

Indoor Pest Control Tip

Check for plumbing leaks and gaps in the sealing around your pipes, particularly behind cabinets. Water can accumulate in these areas, creating an excess of moisture that may attract pests

Aptive Environmental knows that for most homeowners, it’s not a question of if the pests will return, but when. Our industry-high standards guarantee the best service and most effective pest management solutions near you. When the pests come back, we do too— absolutely free! Call us today to schedule pest control service at your home or business.

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