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Let Aptive Environmental protect your home or business from pests with our eco-friendly pest control solutions. Our team of certified pest specialists will treat your house and lawn with responsible, guaranteed-effective products. With a custom plan based on the size and shape of your home or commercial building, you’ll feel protected year-round. Call Aptive’s Lenexa branch today to discuss personalized pest control service.

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Aptive Environmental Eco-Friendly Pest Control

  • Dedicated, professional pest experts deliver custom service to your home and lawn
  • Eco-friendly products are pet-friendly, too!
  • Aptive covers you for all four seasons, so you’ll be pest-free year-round
  • Don’t worry about storing your own pest products—we’ll take care of your home or business so you can live worry-free

Pest treatments by Aptive Environmental will give you peace of mind. We’re passionate about protecting the people of Lenexa and the Kansas City area. Call today to book your first appointment and start living pest-free.

Eco-Friendly Commercial Pest Control in the Kansas City Area

Protect your business from pests with Aptive Environmental, the company at the forefront of environmentally-friendly pest control solutions. We customize a service plan for your business’s size and specific industry. From pharmacies to funeral homes, Aptive’s pest specialists will limit the risk of damaging insects and rodents entering your workplace.

Protecting Businesses with Aptive in Lenexa

  • Protect your business from pests before they get in with Aptive’s customized treatments
  • Professional pest experts will control infestations quickly so your team can get back to work
  • Our products are eco-friendly and effective for many industries, from manufacturing to property management portfolios

We only use responsible, efficient products to treat your building without disrupting your work. Don’t let bugs or other pests ruin the hard work of you and your employees. Feel proud of your work environment and let Aptive solve your pest problem and safeguard you for the future.

Tips for Composting Without Pests

More than a quarter of the waste that comes from U.S. homes every year is organic materials. Composting is a way to cut down on the amount of this waste that ends up in landfills. It’s great for the environment but it also increases the risk of attracting insects and rodents to your home. To avoid a serious bug problem, follow these tips for pest-free composting:

Make your compost bin less accessible to hungry pests by surrounding it with bricks, stones, sticks or other obstacles.

Animal products, including dairy products, bones and fats, attract rodents and bugs. Avoid pests by taking this waste to a composting facility.

Reduce the smell of your compost bin by covering the food inside with dried leaves and soil.

Pests You Want in Your Compost Bin

Some insects actually help the composting process. Pill bugs and slugs are two pests that aerate organic waste as they move through it. Plus, they naturally fertilize the materials. However, they’re not afraid to move onto your other garden plants or lawn if left uncontrolled. You should also watch out for spiders, wasps, earwigs, or hornets hanging around—signs that unwanted pests are arriving. Contact Aptive Environmental’s Lenexa branch as soon as you notice these to begin a custom pest management plan for your home and lawn.

Seasonal Pest Forecast for the Lenexa Area

Aptive Environmental provides the best pest control service in the Kansas City area because we understand that different pests become most active during different times of the year. This knowledge is why we created our Four Seasons Protection Plan to keep your property covered throughout the year. Our specialists will treat your home or business at the beginning of each season, specifically for the most common pests at that time of year. Plus, we’ll come back between regular service dates to treat any surprise bug appearances, absolutely free.

Count on pest experts from Aptive Environmental to protect your home and business from bugs and rodents all year long. With only the best eco-friendly solutions and outstanding customer service, you’ll feel comfortable knowing we’ve got pests under control. Read more about the common pests during different seasons in the Kansas City area.

Pests Active in Spring

Ants are one of the most persistent pests in the country and spring is the time when they emerge from their winter hiding places. They’ll look for crumbs and open containers in kitchens and outside. Earwigs live outdoors so the warming weather means there’s a higher chance of seeing them around your lawn or patio.

Pests Active in Fall

Rodents, such as rats and mice, start to look for indoor shelter as the fall months become cooler. Similarly, cockroaches usually search for a place indoors before the winter. Ants remain active into the fall but will soon enter hibernation.

Pests Active in Summer

The green leaves covering trees in the summer are the preferred food of aphids, which suck the sap from them. Cockroaches also search for food outdoors during the summer months, so sealing possible entry points is important for keeping them there.

Pests Active in Winter

Rodents are the worst pests in homes during the winter. In addition to the bugs and spiders that might have found shelter indoors, mice and rats can damage wiring in walls and chew through things stored in attics and garages.

You can count on the Four Seasons Protection Plan by Aptive Environmental to keep these common pests under control and out of your home during every season. Call us today to schedule pest control service or to get a free quote.

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