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Aptive Environmental controls pests in Bay Area homes, yards, and commercial buildings. Our eco-conscious approach to pest management puts customers first and protects homes and businesses from a variety of common pests. Our team of professional pest specialists is passionate and dedicated to using pest management products in a responsible and effective manner. For residents and business owners in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area, call Aptive’s Livermore branch today to schedule an appointment.

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Seasonal Pest Forecast for the Bay Area

Certain pests become more active during different seasons of the year. Understanding pest behavior and life cycles is what makes Aptive pest control so effective. Aptive’s Four Seasons Protection Plan was created to control insects and rodents likely to infest your home as the seasons change. Furthermore, our industry-best warranty means an extra treatment in between quarterly services. Setting up these appointments is a phone call away.

Most Common Spring Pests in California’s Bay Area

While Cockroaches are considered a year-round pest, they are commonly seen during the spring in the Bay Area. Roaches are attracted to water sources and rotting food. They are particularly active during wet spring months.

Most Common Summer Pests in California’s Bay Area

Wasps start building new nests during the spring and people tend to see them buzzing around deck posts and steps during the summer. Wasps can be particularly annoying for those that enjoy outdoor entertaining.

Most Common Fall Pests in California’s Bay Area

As the weather gets cooler many pests, including spiders and rodents, will seek shelter indoors for warmth and food. Dark corners, small crevices and storage areas are popular places for these creatures to hide.

Most Common Winter Pests in California’s Bay Area

Rats and mice are two common winter pests. When it is cold outside, rodents will find a way to get in your home to build nests for the winter. Rodents are typically nocturnal, so they will remain inactive during the day. You may have a rodent problem if you notice droppings in your home.

With the Four Seasons Protection Plan by Aptive Environmental, you can rest easily knowing common pests will be kept at bay during every season. Call us today to schedule pest control service or to get a free quote.

Environmental Pest Control by Aptive Environmental

  • A tailored pest control approach using high-quality, eco-friendly products.
  • Year-round protection so you don’t have to handle chemicals or insects.
  • Outstanding pest specialists that are ready to answer all of your questions, anytime.

Aptive’s eco-friendly pest control solutions help establish peace of mind. Our commitment to homes and businesses in California’s Bay Area, paired with quality products and expert knowledge, puts us above our competitors. Call today to book your first appointment and start living pest-free.

Environmental Pest Control for Bay Area Industries

Much like homes, commercial buildings are just as susceptible to pests and the havoc they can cause. Pests can pose serious problems for businesses. Not only can they affect working conditions, but they can be detrimental to product as well. As a result, it is critical to control pest infestations thoroughly and responsibly. With our eco-friendly pest control services, you can count on Aptive Environmental to serve as a trusted partner and put your business needs first. From large companies to small businesses, our certified pest specialists will address your needs and solve your pest problems.

Commercial Pest Control in the Bay Area

  • Experienced specialists provide industry-specific pest management services.
  • Professional pest treatment plans include year-round protection.
  • Solutions are tailored to your workplace and business infrastructure.

Pests That Help the Composting Process

It is important to note that insects are beneficial to the composting process. Slugs and pill bugs are two pests that move the composting process along by aerating and breaking down organic waste. They also produce natural fertilizer that gets added to the mix. However, if you notice spiders, centipedes, bees, or ants hanging around your compost bin, they are likely doing more harm than good. Before your pest problem escalates, call Aptive Environmental Livermore to start a personalized pest management plan for your property.

Tips for Bay Area Composting

Composting is a common practice among Bay Area residents. Many people compost to help cut down waste and to foster fertile and healthy garden soil. However, a lot of what goes into a compost pile can attract pests, such as rodents and insects. If left untreated or neglected, pests can quickly become an infestation. To prevent this from happening, one should follow these tips to protect his or her compost bin from pests:

Don’t compost animal products or fatty foods near your home.

Store leftovers and scraps in airtight containers until you can take them to your composting facility.

Surround your compost bin with wires, rocks or other obstacles to block its opening from rodents and insects.

Add a layer of soil to cover any scraps as this can help smother scents from hungry pests.

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