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Aptive Environmental controls pests in homes, yards and commercial buildings across the U.S. Professionally certified pest specialists use our eco-friendly system to secure properties of all sizes from infestations, year-round. Our team is passionate and dedicated to treating your home with gentle and guaranteed-effective pest management products. Call our Nashville branch today to learn about how Aptive will manage your pest problems and help you feel secure.

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4 Season Pest Forecast for the Nashville Area

Aptive Environmental’s experienced pest specialists know which pests to look out as the weather changes each season. Our comprehensive Four Seasons Protection Plan is a unique system that treats your home or commercial property once per season, targeting the insects and rodents that are most active during that time of the year. Plus, our quality guarantee means that you won’t have to worry about an unexpected pest sighting in between regular appointments—just call our Nashville branch and we’ll control the pest right away, at no extra charge.

With Aptive, you’ll always receive our best customer service and the ultimate convenience—you don’t even have to be home while we solve your pest problem. Read more about how pest activity changes from season to season in Nashville.

Most Common Spring Pests

Ants will begin to migrate out of their winter homes as soon as the air begins to warm—and this can mean outside and inside your house. Bees or wasps that nested in an attic or similar space over the winter might also start to buzz around indoors.

Most Common Summer Pests

Wet and dry periods in summer result in different pests coming near your home. Ants will seek to relocate their colonies to dry places during heavy rains. Meanwhile, hot, dry spells force these insects and others, including earwigs, millipedes and pill bugs to search for water inside homes.

Most Common Fall Pests

Rodents and spiders both start to look for places to hide indoors for the winter. This can lead them into basements, attics, garages and other little-used storage areas.

Most Common Winter Pests

Carpet beetles feed on natural fabrics, including fur, wool, silk and leather. Pet hair also attracts them to a home. Clothes moths eat similar fabrics and will try to take shelter indoors from the cold.

You can trust the Four Seasons Protection Plan by Aptive Environmental to keep the pests at bay during every season. Call us today to schedule pest control service or to get a free quote.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control by Aptive Environmental

  • High-quality products control current infestations and protect you in the future
  • Pest specialists personalize their approach for your circumstances, starting with a careful inspection
  • A new treatment every season means you’ll feel at-ease knowing you’re covered all year

Aptive’s eco-friendly pest control solutions guarantee peace of mind. We use only the best application methods, coupled with well-trained professionals and passionate commitment to homes in Nashville and nationwide. Call today to book your first appointment and start living without pests.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control for Nashville Businesses

Pest damage in a commercial building can be a disaster for your business, damaging products and lowering morale. Employees want to work in a pest-free environment and consumers want to know that your products or services come from a clean location. Aptive Environmental’s eco-friendly pest management services will control insects or rodents quickly and responsibly in numerous industries, ranging from daycare centers to department stores.

Don’t worry about pests—Aptive’s certified specialists will personalize a treatment plan for your business, whether it’s large or small, and solve the pest problem, guaranteed. Call today to learn more about how we’ll continue to protect your business even after we’ve controlled the pests.

Commercial Pest Control in Nashville

  • Year-round pest protection with custom, professional service plans
  • Friendly, experienced experts with specific knowledge about your industry: medical, retail, warehouses and more
  • Effective, eco-friendly pest control solutions to help your business

Pests That Help the Composting Process

You might be surprised to learn that some insects are helpful for composting. Slugs and pill bugs, for example, leave behind natural fertilizer that helps the chemical reactions. They also aerate the organic material as they move through it. However, if you see spiders, wasps, earwigs or fruit flies around the compost bin, call Aptive Environmental Nashville to make an appointment with a pest specialist. Be cautious about “helpful” insects, too: they have a tendency to move onto other plants in your garden. An Aptive professional will make sure that they’re controlled before they have a chance to damage your plants.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control with Composting

Roughly 30% of the waste that homes in the U.S. produce annually is organic materials. All of those food scraps can be kept out of landfills by composting, a method practiced by many people that also benefits their gardens. While it helps to reduce waste, composting food scraps and other leftover materials—including oils, fats, and dairy products—can draw hungry pests to your home. If you see rodents or insects starting to explore your compost bin, realize that they can quickly become an infestation. Here are some top tips to guard your compost bin from annoying pests:

Block the opening to your compost bin with rocks or wire to make it less appealing to pests

Mask the smell of composting food by covering it with dried leaves or dirt

Storing animal products, like bones and dairy, in airtight containers until you can take them to a composting facility lowers the risk of insects or rodents investigating

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