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Aptive Environmental excels in eco-friendly pest control by using responsible products and customized service plans for New Berlin homes and businesses. Expert knowledge allows our pest professionals to pinpoint high risk areas and treat them effectively. We are passionate about protecting your home and family from pests and will control even the most stubborn pest problems. Feel secure in your home again—trust the specialists at Aptive Environmental to protect your home, inside and out, from bugs and rodents all year. Our New Berlin branch is ready to help families and businesses in the Milwaukee area. Call today to learn more about what Aptive will do for you.

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17919 W Lincoln Ave New Berlin, Wi 53146

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Eco-Friendly Pest Control by Aptive Environmental

  • We start with a thorough analysis of your home and determine target areas
  • Our team of pest specialists applies comprehensive, environmentally-friendly treatments in and around your home
  • We use our Four Seasons Protection Plan to ensure that you’re protected from pests all year long
  • We prioritize your family—our products and methods are pet-friendly
  • Leave the hard work to us. Instead of storing chemicals in your house, call Aptive’s professionals to solve your pest problems

Our industry-leading products and unbeatable warranty are guaranteed to control bugs and rodents at your home. We’re proud to offer convenient, effective service to the Milwaukee area. Call today and we’ll personalize a solution just for you.

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Eco-Friendly Commercial Pest Control in New Berlin

Business owners in the Milwaukee area trust Aptive Environmental to protect their facilities from pests because Aptive’s eco-friendly methods put the productivity of the business first. Don’t let pests damage your company’s reputation or products—Aptive professionals will design and perform custom treatments that minimize disruption to your productivity while maximizing effectiveness. We provide solutions to small and large companies in various industries, from warehouse facilities to retail spaces.

Before bugs have the chance to hurt your business, call an Aptive professional and watch them create a year-round service plan specifically for you. Minimize risks and safeguard your business for the future with Aptive Environmental pest control.

Aptive Environmental Pest Control for Milwaukee Businesses

  • Aptive delivers service tailored to your company’s specific industry and size
  • We’re ready to control pests quickly, before they have the chance to hurt your bottom line
  • Eco-friendly products are better for the environment and for your workplace

Keeping Your Household Pest-Free

It might seem obvious, but food waste and crumbs, along with water and warmth, strongly attract pests to your home. Bugs and rodents love unsecured food containers and garbage that’s been collecting for too long. Pests with access to easy food sources can quickly become an infestation but there are simple ways to help avoid this. Always store food in tightly-sealed, glass or metal containers. And be sure to change your garbage bags regularly—it’ll make your house smell fresh, too.

Many people use composting to cut down on the amount of waste they put into landfills. Every year, organic materials account for 30% of the total waste produced by U.S. households. While it’s good for the environment, composting risks attracting pests to the smell of leftover food scraps. Help prevent pest problems while composting with these tips:

It’s better to take meat, bones and leftover fat to a composting facility so pests won’t be drawn to your house.

Hiding your compost bin behind rocks, bricks, wire or other objects is a good way to prevent pests from getting into it easily.

Cover the food waste in your garbage or compost bin with dirt or dried leaves to mask the smell.

Identifying helpful pests in your compost bin

You might not have expected it, but some bugs actually help the composting process. Pill bugs and slugs both augment the chemical reactions that drive composting, by moving through the collection and making holes that aerate organic materials. They also add natural fertilizer to the mix. Keep an eye on these insects because they can quickly move to other plants or areas of your yard. Call an Aptive professional if you start to see spiders, wasps, earwigs or hornets hanging around to begin personalized treatments for your property before these unwanted pests become damaging. Contact Aptive Environmental’s New Berlin branch to discuss custom pest management solutions for your home and lawn so you can help the environment without putting your home at risk.

Seasonal Pest Activity in New Berlin

Different seasons bring different pests to houses and lawns in the Milwaukee area. Aptive Environmental designed the Four Seasons Protection Plan to protect against the most active pests during every time of year. Using only eco-friendly products, we treat your home or business four times a year—once per season—with the customized solutions that make it the best year-round pest protection in the industry.

Our pest specialists bring dedicated customer service and the best pest products right to you to prepare your home for each change in season. But if an unexpected pest appears between treatments, we’ll come back to take care of it at no extra charge. We back up our industry-leading methods with real help from passionate professionals. Learn more about what pests we’ll focus on during the different seasons in the Milwaukee area.

Spring Pests

Spring is the time when the pests who found shelter in your home over the winter wake up and emerge. It’s common, unfortunately, to start to see centipedes and ants crawling around indoors looking for crumbs during the spring. Mice and rats who found ways inside might also become noticeable around this time.

Fall Pests

During the fall, pests that enter forms of hibernation for the winter and those that will remain active begin looking for entry points into homes for warmth and shelter. This includes rodents, ants and spiders, so it’s important to make sure cracks are sealed and storage areas are cleaned.

Summer Pests

Stinging pests can put a damper on picnics and outdoor activity all throughout the summer. Bees, yellow jackets, wasps and hornets buzz around day and night in warmer weather, while moths fly around lights and windows at night. Weevils are also common summer pests, known for feeding on pantry foods in homes.

Winter Pests

In the winter, you’ll see spiders hiding in dark corners, feeding on other insects. Ants, meanwhile, move colonies deep underground but this can include cracks in foundations or areas surrounding a house. And mice will hide in walls, potentially damaging wiring as they hibernate in the warmth.

The Four Seasons Protection Plan by Aptive Environmental is specially designed to keep these and other common pests under control during each season. Call us today for more information and to get a free quote for customized pest control service.

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