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Aptive Environmental excels in eco-friendly rodent and pest control for both commercial and residential properties in Phoenix. Our environmentally-conscious approach maintains your safety as our top priority in protecting homes and businesses from pest infestation. Once you schedule an initial inspection from our team of pest control Service Professionals, you won’t have to worry about managing harmful chemicals and dangerous traps at home. Our responsible techniques for pest and rodent management parents and homeowners peace of mind, by allowing children and pets to roam the treated environment freely.

Regional Pests in Phoenix, AZ

Aptive Environmental is an industry leader in pest control from coast to coast. At each of our 45 local branches nationwide, our Service Professionals specialize in customized treatments for after an initial assessment of your particular pest control issue, providing customized and pest-specific services for both residential and commercial properties. Our eco-friendly pest control experts use responsible, safe methods to remove the pests quickly and to prevent them from returning.

Finding a familiar pest in your home or business isn’t likely to provide you with peace of mind. Nevertheless, it’s important to look out for certain pests that may or may not be common to your region.

Common pests found in Phoenix homes and businesses include:


Everyone’s least favorite pests, spiders, take shelter in corners, window sills, garages and sheds. These crawlers are the most easily recognized by their trademark 8 legs and round abdomen region.


Without special equipment and professional know-how, it’s nearly impossible to achieve effective pest control for cockroaches. Fortunately, Aptive excels in pest control solutions for 5 distinct species of cockroaches found nationwide.


Scorpions are drawn to hiding in places such as piles of leaves and dark corners. Beware of these nocturnal pests, and fill any holes in your foundations or caulking to bar them from entry.

What Attracts Pests to Homes in Phoenix, AZ?

Several of the essential needs that serve humans and pets in your home are enticing to pest intruders, too. During a drought in the Arizona desert region, for example, bugs and other pests may enter your home in search of moisture. This is why it’s important for homeowners to take note of leaky pipes, gaps in caulking, or any open source of pooling water—buckets, kids’ toys, and the like. The presence of these typical elements and other pest control issues can provide all the moisture an insect needs to survive in your home.

Rest assured that a residential pest control plan from Aptive Environmental will help to mitigate opportunities for pest infestation. Our unmatched warranty service, the Four Seasons Protection Plan, includes multiple treatments to protect your home throughout the year.

Aptive Environmental is equally committed to providing quality pest control service to Phoenix-based businesses. Dedicated to protecting the people and products that makeup your organization, Aptive creates customized solutions to rodents and pests in retail centers, office buildings, community spaces, and more. Call our Phoenix branch today to discuss and address the unique needs of your company or facility.

Environmental Pest & Rodent Control — Household Tips

In addition to water and shelter, rodents and bugs may enter your home in search of a stray crumb for their next meal. Pest infestations of this nature are often the result of improperly-sealed leftovers and garbage receptacles, or an infrequent system for clearing out waste. Homeowners of Phoenix, AZ should take care to seal food supplies and leftovers in plastic containers to maintain a pest-free environment.

Many homeowners across the nation take up composting to reduce and repurpose household waste. This environmental strategy reduces the amount of materials sent to landfills, and helps flower beds and recreational gardens bloom. Unfortunately, composting structures can also be a source of food and shelter for raccoons, rodents, bugs, and other backyard pests. Here are a few tips for preventing a pest infestation in your home:

Meat is one of the most enticing sources of food for rodents and pests. If you’d like to start composting, keep animal products out of the organic materials for your bin.

Homeowners should also avoid composting any bones, dairy products, oils, and fatty foods, as these can also be a favorite on the menu for rodents and other pests.

To deter pests from finding your compost bin, cover any exposed food with a layer of dry leaves and soil. This helps to suppress the smell of food and other organic materials that may entice rodents and pests.

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The Aptive Approach: Environmental Pest Control

  • Service Professionals conduct a thorough inspection to identify and prioritize your needs
  • Products and methods are designed to minimize risks of rodent & pest control
  • Pet-friendly application methods prioritizes the needs of all family members
  • Seasonal pest treatments provide an unmatched warranty within the industry

Which Pests Are Helpful to a Composting Environment?

Insects such as pill bugs and slugs help to aerate and add natural fertilizer to your compost pile. However, these pests are still likely wander over to your fruit or vegetable garden and cause damage or concern. Other pests such as wasps, hornets, fruit flies, earwigs, and spiders are an immediate cause for pest control services.

Compost and insects both contribute to the ecosystem of a home garden. However, only one of the two is a welcomed guest. Contact Aptive’s Phoenix branch to discuss a pest control plan that protects your family environment, as well as the fruits of your labor.

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