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The Most Common Pests in San Antonio


Most over-the-counter products are no match for the sheer volume of pesky ants in a home or business. Watch out for their nests or you’ll be at risk for painful stings.


Texas has more cockroaches than any other state, especially in cities. It’s difficult to avoid them, they’re highly adaptable and attracted to sources of food and water that are easy to reach.


The striped bark scorpion is the most common scorpion species in Texas. It’s more frightening than dangerous though, its sting isn’t much worse than a bee sting.

Snails & Slugs

During rainy periods, slugs and snails prosper in the wet soil and feast all night on garden plants and shrubs. They’re very efficient at their landscaping destruction.

About our San Antonio Pest Control Services

Aptive Environmental is the best residential and commercial pest control solution in San Antonio. Our environmentally-conscious approach ensures that your family, your pets and your environment are safe while being protected from bugs and rodents. With our team of professional pest specialists, you won’t have to worry about battling bugs or storing chemicals in your home. Our personalized Four Seasons Protection Plan treats your property once per season so that you can be sure that you’re protected all year long. Call today to schedule an appointment and to learn more about our responsible methods.

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What Attracts Pests to San Antonio Homes?

Several of the basic needs that attract pests are essential to the human occupants as well. In colder weather, for example, pests may intrude the premises in search of warm shelter, and vice versa. During a San Antonio regional drought, pests may enter your home in search of moisture. Conversely, a leaky pipe or any open source of pooling water—buckets, kids’ toys, and the like—can provide all the moisture an insect needs to survive. Rest assured that a residential pest control plan from Aptive Environmental includes multiple treatments to protect your home throughout the year.

In addition to water and shelter, pests may naturally seek nourishment from the garbage or other open sources of food. San Antonio home and business owners should take care to seal food supplies and leftovers to prevent pests from chewing their way to treasure.

Seasonal Pest Forecast for the San Antonio Area

At Aptive, we know that different seasons bring different levels of pest activity. This is why our Four Seasons Protection Plan treats your property once each quarter, specifically for that time of year. Our industry-best warranty means that you’re covered for any unexpected pest invasions in between treatments. Expert knowledge and specially focused solutions for each season ensures that you’re protected year-round. Learn more about what to expect during the different seasons in San Antonio.

Common Spring Pests in San Antonio

During the Spring, you’ll begin to see cockroaches and ants emerging from winter hiding and moving around homes and yards. Fire ant nests might appear in yards, on sidewalks and around buildings. Cockroaches will look for open food containers and garbage to eat inside and outside.

Common Summer Pests in San Antonio

The hot summer months allow pests to take over untreated yards and gardens. In San Antonio, summer is scorpion season, when these pests are most actively hunting for bugs in yards and shrubs. Summer also brings wet periods, which create ideal conditions for snails and slugs to flourish.

Common Fall Pests in San Antonio

The warm Fall allows spiders, ants and cockroaches to remain active inside and outside. They’ll also hide in garages, basements and attics to avoid the cooler nights.

Common Winter Pests in San Antonio

During mild winters, insects and roaches will remain fairly active and you might still spot them outside. However, cool or cold spells will force them to look for warm homes and other buildings for shelter.

You can trust the Four Seasons Protection Plan by Aptive Environmental to keep the pests at bay during every season. Call us today to schedule pest control service or to get a free quote.

Composting Tips for Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Food scraps and organic materials make up roughly 30% of what is discarded from American homes. Many households use composting to help their gardens bloom and to control their negative impact on the environment. However, compost can also be a source of both food and shelter for rodents, and other pests. While both pests and compost contribute to the ecosystem of a home garden, only one of the two is a welcomed and helpful guest. Here are a few tips for preventing a pest infestation of your compost bin

Which Pests SHOULD Be Present in Your Compost Bin?

Insects such as pill bugs and slugs help to aerate and add natural fertilizer to your compost pile. However, even these helpful pests can wander over to your fruit or vegetable garden. Other pests such as wasps, hornets, fruit flies, earwigs, and spiders are an immediate cause for pest control services. Contact Aptive Environmental San Antonio to discuss a pest control plan that’s right for your family and for the fruits of your labor.

Outdoor tip #1

For eco-friendly pest control, keep animal products out of your compost bin. Meat is one of the most enticing snares for rodents and pests. Homeowners should also avoid composting any bones, dairy products, oils, or fatty foods.

Indoor tip #2

To deter pests from finding your compost bin, cover any exposed food with a layer of dry leaves and soil. This helps to suppress the smell of food and other organic materials that may entice rodents and pests.

Indoor tip #3

Another way for composters to enact eco-friendly pest control is to surround the collections with bricks, rocks, wire, or other obstacles to deter rodents.

Commercial Pest Control in the San Antonio Area

  • Customized pest management solutions for the size of your business
  • Tailored approach to fit the unique needs of your industry: professional, retail, education, manufacturing, medical, and more
  • Reduced-toxicity pest control solutions minimize risk to employees, customers, and products

Aptive Environmental specializes in customized pest control services for office buildings and businesses across a wide variety of industries. No matter the size or the clientele of your business, Aptive is equipped to create a pest control solution to fit your specific needs.

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