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Household and garden pests annoy homeowners every year as they scavenge for crumbs, bite through pantry containers, and hide in garages and attics. Fortunately, Aptive Environmental is ready to solve even the most serious pest problems in the Salt Lake City and Provo areas. Our professionals control pests using the most effective eco-friendly products and techniques that limit health risks for your family and the environment.

We make pest management convenient and simple—you don’t even have to be home while we work. Service is custom-made for your home based on thorough inspections by our pest experts. We know how important it is to feel comfortable and secure in your home and we dedicate ourselves to bringing that feeling to you. Don’t take on pests by yourself. Let Aptive Environmental protect your home so that you can start living worry-free.

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Responsible Pest Control Solutions for Your Home

  • Aptive specialists perform a detailed inspection of your home, inside and out.
  • Our products and methods are pet-friendly, eco-friendly and effective at controlling pests.
  • Based on this, we create a treatment plan that’s personalized to your property.
  • We’re dedicated to delivering an outstanding pest control experience through helpful customer service and expert knowledge.

Don’t let pests disturb your home. Call Aptive Environmental in Sandy, UT, today to start controlling bugs and protecting your home for the future.

Tips for Keeping Pests Out of Your Home

The primary draw for pests to enter your home is food. You can help avoid attracting bugs by practicing good cleaning habits. Wash dishes and sweep the floors regularly so rodents and insects don’t find crumbs to eat. Keep pantry pests out by sealing food tightly in glass or metal containers. And don’t let garbage bags sit once they’re full; they can attract mice and other unwanted pests.

Composting has become a popular way to dispose of organic materials. Since 30% of all waste produced by U.S. households is organic, composting is a great way to reduce waste and help the environment. However, the smell of food scraps can bring hungry pests to your garden or yard. Follow these tips to prevent your compost bin from attracting pests:

Surround your bin with obstacles, such as rocks or wire, so pests can’t get into it easily.

Rats don’t like when their food is disturbed, so stirring the mix can help deter them. If you’re not using a bin, bury the compost pile at least 8” in the ground so it’s inaccessible.

Cover the waste inside with a layer of dirt or dry leaves and sticks to partially mask the smell.

Are Some Pests Actually Helpful?

Yes!—to an extent. Pill bugs and slugs are two examples of helpful pests. As they move around your compost pile or garden soil, they aerate it, increasing the oxygen flow and boosting chemical reactions. They also produce natural fertilizer. These are great side effects of having pests, at least until they move onto your other garden plants or into your home. Once this starts to occur, an infestation might not be far off. Call an Aptive professional right away to discuss custom pest control plans for your home.

Aptive Environmental Pest Control for Businesses

Pests are a major vulnerability for businesses in the Salt Lake City and Provo areas. They can cause damage to products, facilities and reputation. To stop them, you need a pest control company that cares as much about your business and employees as you do. Aptive Environmental is ready to control pests in your building and protect your business from these harmful bugs and rodents.

We tailor a treatment plan specifically to your industry and company size. Using eco-friendly methods, we control pests without putting your employees or your products at risk. Our Four Seasons Protection Plan will protect your facilities year-round and our friendly customer service team is always prepared to help. Don’t ignore the risk of pest infestations at your business. Call Aptive’s branch in Sandy now to set up service.

How Aptive Environmental Helps Businesses in the Salt Lake City Area

  • Aptive service is designed specifically for your business, whether your company is in retail, manufacturing, property management or more than a dozen other industries.
  • We use responsible treatment methods to control pests without disrupting your productivity.
  • Year-round protection and on-call pest experts make Aptive the best choice for your business.

Common Seasonal Pests in Salt Lake City and Provo Areas

Pest activity changes from season to season as temperatures fluctuate and precipitation changes. The experts at Aptive Environmental know this. That’s why we created our Four Seasons Protection Plan, the most comprehensive pest control service for your home or business. We treat your property at the beginning of each season, specifically targeting the pests that will be most active during that time of year. This ensures that you’ll be pest-free all year long, no matter what the weather outside is like.

The professionals at Aptive are dedicated to your comfort and committed to delivering outstanding customer service with every visit. Our treatments are convenient, eco-friendly and won’t put your pets at risk. Stop worrying and call our branch in Sandy today to get a free quote. And read more about what common pests you should expect to see throughout the year in Utah.

Spring Pests

When the weather warms up in the spring, lots of pests return from a period of decreased activity in the winter. Ants, especially, move their colonies back outside to sidewalks and yards, though scorpions become active in the warmer weather, too.

Fall Pests

In the fall, rodents such as mice and rats begin trying to enter homes to find shelter for the winter. Spiders will also look for places in garages, attics or other indoor locations to wait out the cooler months.

Summer Pests

Summer is generally pest season. Cockroaches search for food inside and outside. Scorpions are more active during the cooler nights. Earwigs feed on damp tree leaves while stinging insects, including bees and wasps, head for the flowers and find roofs to build nests on.

Winter Pests

Winter, even a mild one, brings pests inside through any small cracks or open doors they can find. Rodents, spiders and cockroaches all remain somewhat active if they build shelters in your home. Pantry pests such as Indian meal moths and grain beetles also remain active, feeding on loosely stored food items.

The Four Seasons Protection Plan from Aptive Environmental is specially designed to prevent infestations year-round by targeting each season’s most active pests. Call our Sandy branch today to discuss personalized service for your home.

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