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Pest Control in Seattle

About Aptive Pest Control — Services in Seattle

Aptive Environmental protects families, homes, and yards in the Seattle area and across the U.S. from pests. Our professional and effective pest control system ensures that you’re protected from infestations year-round. A team of certified pest specialists will tend to your environment with gentle and effective pest management solutions. Call our Tukwila branch today to find out more about how Aptive can help you address pest problems in your home.

Most Common Spring Pests in the Seattle Area

Seattle’s Pacific Northwestern climate brings a cool, wet spring that’s ideal for slugs—banes of your new, young garden plants. It’s also when most centipedes are becoming active after winter and starting to move around your house.

Most Common Summer Pests in the Seattle Area

Summer is peak season for pests including bees, yellow jackets and wasps. Bees might be busy pollinating flowers but they and other stinging insects are also busy building nests around decks and window sills. You’ll likely see spider webs around the roof of your house or shed, too.

Most Common Fall Pests in the Seattle Area

Fall marks the start of pests’ attempts to move indoors. Spiders look for openings in window screens and cluttered storage areas to enter and build webs. And ants quickly appear around food that’s been left out.

Most Common Winter Pests in the Seattle Area

Rodents desperately try to find shelter indoors in the winter, and a home that’s not protected makes an easy target for these pests. Annoying odorous ants also begin to emerge as early as January.

Composting Tips for Environmental Pest Control

Don’t compost animal products, including dairy, leftover bones, and fats, at your home. Oils should stay out of the compost bin, too. These types of waste are a strong attraction to pests. Make your bin less accessible to curious pests by surrounding it with wires, bricks, and other obstacles that block its opening. Covering the waste in a layer of soil and dry leaves helps to mask the smell and hide the compost from hungry rodents.

Pests that are beneficial to composting

Some insects actually boost the composting process. Pill bugs and slugs aerating the organic material as they move around and leave natural fertilizer behind them. However, there’s a good chance these pests will move onto any vegetables or other plants that you’re growing in your garden if left alone. Meanwhile, noticing spiders, wasps, earwigs, fruit flies, or hornets around your compost bin or home is a bad sign. Call Aptive Environmental Tukwila to begin a customized plan for removing the pests from your home and garden.

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