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Seeing pests in or around your house can be startling. These uninvited guests quickly become more than nuisances; they can be dangerous to your family, your pets, and your home. Don’t try to eliminate them by yourself. Aptive Environmental is always ready to take on pests in your home and secure your property from future infestations. We offer comprehensive, eco-friendly pest management solutions that prioritize the safety of our customers, their pets, and children. With expert knowledge and helpful customer service only a call away, Aptive makes pest control stress-free and convenient for homes and businesses in New Jersey. Call today for more information and a free quote.

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Aptive Environmental Pest Control Solutions

  • Your pest-free life starts with a thorough inspection of your home or business, inside and out, by an Aptive professional.
  • After identifying target areas, our experts apply eco-friendly, pet-friendly pest management products.
  • We’ll come back at the beginning of each season—as part of our Four Seasons Protection Plan—to treat the pests most active at that time.
  • Choose the best customer service and the most effective, most responsible pest control methods available. Choose Aptive Environmental.

We’re dedicated to protecting your home or business from damaging bugs and rodents. With Aptive, pest management is as simple as calling our Succasunna branch at (201) 448-2847.

Tips for a Pest-Free Home

Keeping your home clear of pests starts with good cleaning habits. Crumbs and other food scraps strongly attract pests, so sweeping floors and washing dishes helps remove their food sources. Keep food sealed tightly in glass or metal containers or store it in the refrigerator. Don’t forget to change your garbage bags as soon as they’re full. And, if possible, keep them away from your house until pickup day.

Many households in the U.S. use composting to cut down on waste. 30% of residential waste is compostable material, so this practice is a great way to help the environment—and it’s good for your garden, too. Unfortunately, composting also creates an easy food source for pests. Don’t let bugs and rodents invade your garden. Follow our simple tips for keeping pests away:

If the smell of food in your garbage bag or compost bin is strong, add a layer of dry leaves and dirt to hide it from insects.

Keep animal products, such as meat and bones, out of your compost bin. Take it to a dedicated facility, instead.

Surround your compost bin with wire, rocks or other materials to make it difficult for pests to get inside. If you don’t use a bin, consider burying your compost pile at least 8 inches in the ground to keep it out of reach of rodents and bugs.

Are Any Pests Helpful to Composting?

Surprisingly, yes! Some pests, such as pill bugs and slugs, can be beneficial to composting and to your garden. One way they help is by aerating the soil or material as they move through it, which increases the oxygen flow and boosts the chemical reactions that are necessary to composting. They also create natural fertilizer, which is good for any garden. However, they can also create problems if they move to other plants or into your house. If you see pests, even helpful ones, becoming an infestation, call Aptive in Succasunna right away to discuss treatment plans.

Protect Your Business from Pests with Aptive

Pests are bad for business in many ways—damaged goods, hurt reputation, low employee morale, customer complaints, and more. Don’t let your hard-won success suffer because of bugs and rodents. Call Aptive, the only pest control company that’s as dedicated to your business as you are. We’re the fastest growing pest management company in the country because our pest professionals have the expert knowledge to customize treatment plans specifically for your business. We help small and large companies in over a dozen industries and we’ll help yours, too.

Our responsible pest management methods won’t put your workers, customers or products at risk. We’re equipped to deal with even the most serious infestations so that you and your employees can feel comfortable at work every day. Before pests hurt your business, call Aptive’s Succasunna branch to discuss a custom treatment plan and learn more about our service.

Aptive Commercial Pest Control in New Jersey

  • Aptive delivers effective pest control solutions that are tailored to the size and industry of your business.
  • Whether it’s property management, retail, medical, or another category, your company deserves Aptive’s passion for excellence and dedication to quality.
  • Our Four Seasons Protection Plan keeps your company pest-free all year long.
  • Don’t sacrifice productivity or risk your employees’ health—our service is convenient and prioritizes your team’s wellbeing.

Pest Forecast for the Succasunna Area

It’s important to understand the different pests that become more active during the various seasons of the year. Aptive knows this well, which is why we created our Four Seasons Protection Plan. It’s the leading year-round pest control system in the industry, ensuring that your home is free of pests through every change in weather. By targeting those pests that are most active in a given season, our treatments are effective and efficient. Plus, they’re backed by a warranty that includes extra visits in between seasons, if needed—absolutely free.

With serious attention to detail and a passion for top class service, Aptive is the best choice for New Jersey homes or businesses. You can count on comprehensive, pet-friendly pest control solutions inside and out. Call our Succasunna branch today for a free quote and learn more about what pests you’ll see from season to season.

Spring Pests Common

Ants become a common spring pest across the country as they return to activity after the cold months. Spring is also the time when many wasps and bees start building their nests around the outside of houses and can be aggressive if you approach.

Fall Pests Common

Bees and wasps can become increasingly aggressive to anyone who approaches their nests as winter approaches. Be careful, as bees might have nested in your attic or garage. Rodents are damaging pests that begin invading homes in fall, looking for winter shelter. And ants might move through tiny cracks into walls or under slab foundations to hide from the cold.

Summer Pests Common

Ants and stinging insects remain among the most active pests through the hot summer months. Meanwhile, spiders build webs near the bright outdoor lights around your house to catch the bugs that are attracted to them. Cockroaches search for food in uncut lawns and inside houses, too.

Winter Pests Common

In winter, cockroaches remain active indoors, searching for crumbs and moisture in kitchens and bathrooms. Spiders also continue to hunt in dark attics or storage areas. Rats and mice can be harmful to your home if they start chewing through wiring in the walls, building winter nests.

The Four Seasons Protection Plan by Aptive Environmental is specially designed to keep common seasonal pests controlled and out of your home during every season. Call today to discuss custom pest control service for your home or business.

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What Attracts Pests to Your Home?

Bugs and rodents are always unwelcome in our homes but they’re determined to get to the crumbs and garbage inside. It only takes a tiny opening in a wall or near a window for pests to find their way indoors. These pests might not seem like a big deal, at first, but they can become a serious health risk for your family. When cleaning regularly isn’t enough, call Aptive Environmental.

Aptive professionals will locate the tiny areas where pests are getting inside and apply environmentally friendly treatments to control them quickly. Our attention to detail is what makes our treatments successful. With Aptive, you’ll be protected year-round so you and your family can live comfortably. Call our experts in Succasunna to begin personalized treatment today.

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