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Pest Control in Tampa, FL

What Attracts Pests to Homes in Tampa?

Many common pests come indoors looking for food, water and warmth—the same things that we enjoy in our homes. Kitchens, especially, are full of easy food sources, from crumbs and spills to leftovers and dirty dishes.

What Attracts Pests to Homes in Tampa? (Cont'd)

Pests find tiny entrances through cracks, open windows and other hard-to-spot places. The best way to control pests is to keep them outside and away from your home. It’s important to clean regularly, organize cluttered areas and monitor landscaping around the outside of your home.

Tips for Tampa Homes: How to Prevent Pests

Learning about what attracts pests and making a few key changes are the first steps toward preventing them. Storing pantry foods in sealed metal or glass containers and washing dishes right after you use them are two important habits.

Tips for Tampa Homes: How to Prevent Pests (Cont'd)

Regularly vacuuming floors and wiping counters removes the crumbs and stains on which pests can thrive. Remember to change garbage bags as soon as they’re full, too.

Composting Tips for Tampa, FL

Composting is a great way to reduce waste, since 30% of all household waste in the U.S. is organic materials. Unfortunately, composting can also attract pests. These quick composting tips can reduce the risk of pest infestations: If you’re composting outside, it helps to bury the pile 8” or deeper in the ground to keep rodents away. ...

Composting Tips for Tampa, FL (Cont'd)

... If you’re composting in a bin, block the opening with wire, sticks or rocks to make it more difficult for pests to enter. You can also use a layer of dirt or dried leaves on the composting materials to help mask its strong smell.

Common Spring Pests in Tampa

Pavement ants are one of many pests that return to activity after the winter months. Large colonies of ants gather anywhere there’s easy access to food. Bees and wasps also use the spring to start building new nests to lay eggs.

Common Summer Pests in Tampa

American cockroaches (“Palmetto bugs”) thrive in Florida’s humid summers, often finding food outside but sometimes entering homes and exploring pantries. Fire ants are a dangerous summer pest, especially as people swap shoes for sandals and bare feet. Fleas are also dangerous and infestations become more likely as pets and people spend more time outdoors.

Common Fall Pests in Tampa

Rodents can be an especially problematic fall pest if they decide to find indoor shelter for the winter. Cockroaches, which are active year round, might also come indoors more often in chilly weather. Meanwhile, spiders prefer to build webs inside, where there’s shelter—this means attics, basements and other low-traffic areas.

Common Winter Pests in Tampa

Silverfish are most commonly spotted in winter, when they live in bathrooms, attics and other warm, humid places. Tick infestations tend to increase in the winter, as people might bring some plants indoors and accidentally bring ticks in with them. It’s also important to inspect for signs of mice that could damage wiring if they overwinter in the walls of your home.

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