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Aptive Environmental protects families, homes, yards, and businesses in the Seattle area and across the U.S. from pests. Our eco-friendly pest control system ensures that you’re protected from infestations year-round. A team of certified pest specialists will tend to your environment with gentle and effective pest management solutions. Call our Tukwila branch today to find out more about how Aptive can help you address pest problems in your home or business.

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The Seattle Area’s Seasonal Pest Forecast

Aptive’s certified pest specialists understand which pests become most active during the different seasons. Our unique Four Seasons Protection Plan ensures year-round pest control by servicing your property once per season, securing your home and lawn from the insects and rodents that are specifically bothersome during that time of year. With our industry-best warranty, you won’t have to worry about any extra charges to solve your pest problems between treatments. Just call our Tukwila office and we’ll take care of the issue quickly. Helpful customer service and environmentally-friendly solutions are why Aptive is the top choice for residential and commercial pest management. Read up on pest activity during the different seasons in Washington.

Most Common Spring Pests

Seattle’s Pacific Northwestern climate brings a cool, wet spring that’s ideal for slugs—banes of your new, young garden plants. It’s also when most centipedes are becoming active after winter and starting to move around your house.

Most Common Fall Pests

Fall marks the start of pests’ attempts to move indoors. Spiders look for openings in window screens and cluttered storage areas to enter and build webs. And ants quickly appear around food that’s been left out.

Most Common Summer Pests

Summer is peak season for pests including bees, yellow jackets and wasps. Bees might be busy pollinating flowers but they and other stinging insects are also busy building nests around decks and window sills. You’ll likely see spider webs around the roof of your house or shed, too.

Most Common Winter Pests

Rodents desperately try to find shelter indoors in the winter, and a home that’s not protected makes an easy target for these pests. Annoying odorous ants also begin to emerge as early as January.

You can trust the Four Seasons Protection Plan by Aptive Environmental to keep the pests at bay during every season. Call us today to schedule pest control service or to get a free quote.

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Aptive Environmental’s Eco-Friendly Approach to Pest Control

  • Thorough preliminary inspection to personalize the most effective approach for you
  • Quarterly treatments by professional specialists keeps you protected all year
  • Responsible pest management products installed by experts to make your life easier

Aptive’s eco-friendly pest control solutions guarantee success. Our application methods, training, and commitment raise us above other pest control companies in Tukwila and nationwide. Set up an appointment today to start protecting your home from pests and living with less worry.

Environmental Pest Control for Businesses in Tukwila, WA

A clean and safe office or other place of work is just as important as a protected home. When pests make their homes in businesses, it’s important for the safety of the workers and the customers that they’re removed quickly and responsibly. Aptive Environmental delivers eco-friendly pest control services to the Seattle area’s businesses and other commercial facilities, including schools, medical offices, and more. Our expert team of certified pest specialists customizes solutions for industries ranging from daycare centers to car dealerships. Aptive is ready to solve your business’s pest problem, whatever its size.

Commercial Pest Control in the Tukwila, WA Area

  • Personalized and professional pest management services for any industry: retail, religious, warehouses, and more
  • Experienced specialists understand the specific needs of your company
  • Solutions that are safe for employees, products, and the environment

Composting Tips for Environmental Pest Control

Food scraps and other organic materials make up roughly 30% of the waste that Americans discard every year. To reduce this waste in an eco-friendly way, many people compost at home to help their gardens grow. However, some pests, such as rodents and insects, are attracted to this easy source of food. These pests are better kept away from your home as they can quickly become an infestation. Here are some tips to protect your compost bin from pests:

Don’t compost animal products, including dairy, leftover bones, and fats, at your home. Oils should stay out of the compost bin, too. These types of waste are a strong attraction to pests.

Make your bin less accessible to curious pests by surrounding it with wires, bricks, and other obstacles that block its opening.

Covering the waste in a layer of soil and dry leaves helps to mask the smell and hide the compost from hungry rodents.

Pests That Are Beneficial to Composting

Some insects actually boost the composting process. Pill bugs and slugs aerating the organic material as they move around and leave natural fertilizer behind them. However, there’s a good chance these pests will move onto any vegetables or other plants that you’re growing in your garden if left alone. Meanwhile, noticing spiders, wasps, earwigs, fruit flies, or hornets around your compost bin or home is a bad sign. Call Aptive Environmental Tukwila to begin a customized plan for removing the pests from your home and garden.

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