Core Values

Our professionals are held to the highest standard in the pest control industry. We live by six core principles that guide how we work:

Deliver ”WOW”

Go the extra mile in
all that you do.

True North

Live by a moral compass of
fairness & integrity.

Elevate the Tribe

Build a positive culture of
kindness & loyalty.

Sharpen the Saw

Educate and improve
yourself daily.

All in!

Be committed and passionate
about excellence.

Be Grateful

Remember where you came from
& give back.

Environmentally Conscious

Your safety is our first priority. As an industry leader, our goal is to provide customers with progressive pest control solutions that reduce potential health risks to humans and the environment. Aptive’s application methods, training, products, integrated pest management techniques and a firm commitment to the environment separate us from the competition.

Nothing but Nets

Aptive is committed to helping protect the world's health from disease-carrying pests. To do this, Aptive has partnered with the United Nation’s Nothing But Nets campaign to help stop the spread of malaria transmitted by the mosquito bite. As a proud sponsor to help save lives, Aptive dedicates a portion of company profits annually to Nothing But Nets to provide insecticide-treated bed nets to countries with the greatest need.

A child dies every minute from malaria. For just $10, you can click this link and send a net to protect a family and save a life. Together we can help save the lives of millions from this deadly killer and can influence positive change across a continent.

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Why a Professional

Remove the stress of having to store and apply pesticides
inside the home using a responsible professional you can trust.
Don't just call an exterminator, call an Aptive professional

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Our Guarantee

Aptive Environmental knows that for most
homeowners, it’s not if the pests will return, but
when. When the pests come back, we do too—
absolutely free!