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If you live in the Detroit area and worry about pests in your home or business, you can control pests conveniently and effectively with professional service from Aptive Environmental. Bugs, spiders and rodents can quickly become serious infestations if they’re not treated quickly. These pests can damage your home and landscaping and pose health risks to your family and pets. Don’t let pests invade your property—call Aptive Environmental today to schedule eco-friendly pest control.

The experts at Aptive provide professional pest management solutions to homes and businesses in Farmington Hills, Michigan and the Detroit area. We use eco-friendly techniques to control pests while supporting a healthier environment. After a thorough inspection of your property, our experts customize a treatment plan for your home or business. Protect yourself and your property from damaging pests with convenient solutions from Aptive. Call today for a free quote.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control from Aptive Environmental

  • Your first appointment starts with a detailed inspection of your home to identify target areas.
  • We create a pest control plan that’s tailored to the size and shape of your property.
  • Aptive professionals use eco-friendly, pet-friendly methods to control pests all year.
  • Call our Farmington Hills branch for friendly, helpful support from our team of experts.

Don’t take on bugs alone. Aptive Environmental makes pest control convenient. Call our Farmington Hills, MI branch today at (248) 509-2847 to schedule service in the Detroit area.

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Why are Pests Attracted to Homes in the Detroit Area?

Pests enter buildings looking for food, water and shelter. Crumbs, dirty dishes, spills and food items left unsealed all represent easy food sources for hungry pests. Bugs and rodents can find ways into homes and businesses through tiny cracks in walls or tears in window screens. Some pests can cause serious structural damage once they’re inside.

The best way to prevent an infestation is to keep bugs outside and away from your home. However, preventing pests on your own is difficult—it requires constant cleaning and an awareness of any openings they could use to get it. If pests have already found a way inside, it’s essential to control them quickly.

Calling Aptive is the best way to solve your pest problems. Our team is prepared to control infestations of any size and protect your home from pests all year. With convenient, eco-friendly methods and an industry-leading warranty, Aptive Environmental is the best choice for managing pest problems in Michigan.

Aptive’s Four Seasons Protection Plan is designed to keep pests out of your home all year. We know which pests are most active during the different seasons in the Detroit area and we’re ready to keep them out. Call Aptive today to schedule your first appointment.

Commercial Pest Control by Aptive Environmental

Pests can create serious problems for a business, damaging products and creating a bad reputation among customers. Aptive Environmental is dedicated to keeping businesses pest-free using eco-friendly techniques. We offer convenient pest control treatments that won’t disrupt the productivity of your company.

Aptive specializes in tailoring pest control solutions to your business based on a number of factors. This allows us to manage pests with precision and minimize the effects on your company and the environment. We bring our pest control expertise to over a dozen industries, including manufacturing, retail, pharmacies, daycare and more.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your business is being protected. Our friendly customer service team is always ready to answer your questions and, if needed, set up additional treatments. We’re dedicated to providing excellent service all year with our Four Seasons Protection Plan. Your business deserves the best environmentally responsible pest control. Call Aptive today to schedule an appointment.

Aptive Environmental Protects Businesses in the Detroit Area

  • Commercial pest control starts with a detailed inspection of your facilities that lets our experts design a custom treatment plan for your business.
  • Our application methods and products are eco-friendly and effective against bugs and rodents in a variety of work settings.
  • Aptive makes pest control convenient — our techniques minimize disruptions to keep your company productive.

Pest Prevention Tips for Michigan Homeowners

The same things that make our homes feel comfortable to us also tend to attract pests. Access to water, food and warmth makes it easy for bugs and rodents to thrive in residential and commercial buildings. A few crumbs on the floor or unsealed food in the pantry make perfect food sources for pests.

Knowing what attracts pests lets you take the right steps to keep them out.

Composting can also attract pests. 30% of all household waste in the U.S. is organic materials and many people use composting to help reduce this waste. Unfortunately, composting can provide an easy food source for bugs and rodents. These quick composting tips can reduce the risk of pest infestations:

Bury your compost pile at least 8” in the ground so rodents can’t easily access it. it.

Mix your compost to aerate it and speed up the chemical reactions. This also makes it less attractive to rats.

If you’re composting in a bin, create a barrier with wire, sticks, rocks or anything else that will close it off from pests.

Pour a layer of dirt or dried leaves on top to partially mask the smell of the food materials inside.

Is It True That Some Pests Can Help Composting?

It might surprise you to learn that some pests, such as pill bugs and slugs, can help the composting process. As they move through the material, these pests aerate and mix it, boosting the chemical reactions. They also leave behind natural fertilizer that helps the materials break down. However, these pests can quickly become a problem if they start to move on to other plants or flowers. If you notice pill bugs, snails or other pests, call Aptive right away to schedule customized service.

Seasonal Pest Forecast for the Detroit Area

Changing seasons mean changing pest activity around homes and yards. Aptive Environmental has the tools and knowledge to protect your home all year with our industry-leading Four Seasons Protection Plan. At the beginning of each season, our experts treat your home for the pests that are most active during that time of year.

Aptive professional service makes pest control simple and convenient. Homes and businesses can count on our eco-friendly techniques to protect them from pests. The Four Seasons Protection Plan also includes free additional service in between regular treatments. Call today to get a free quote and learn more about how we’ll customize treatment for your home.

Spring Pests Near Detroit

Spring is when you’ll commonly see increased pest activity indoors and outdoors. Ants, spiders, rats and mice that overwintered in homes reemerge to search for food. Rats can be especially problematic around urban areas, where access to tunnels and building complexes lets them thrive through the cold months.

Summer Pests Near Detroit

Ticks and silverfish are especially prevalent in the summer in Michigan. Tick populations boom after the winter. The risk of picking up a tick also increases as people spend more time outdoors. Silverfish, meanwhile, become more active in warmer temperatures and higher humidity.

Fall Pests Near Detroit

Insects look for cracks, holes and gaps in exterior walls to enter homes before the winter cold sets in. Among the pests that search for shelter to lay eggs or overwinter are ticks, spiders, mice, rats and beetles. Millipedes also gather in larger numbers around driveways and garages in the fall.

Winter Pests Near Detroit

Rodents can become a damaging pest if they find a way into your house during the fall and winter. Mice and rats build nests in basements and walls where they can destroy wiring and reproduce rapidly. Millipedes hide in out-of-the-way areas like vents and cabinets. Earwigs that make it indoors also remain active through the winter.

The Four Seasons Protection Plan from Aptive Environmental is specially designed to prevent pest infestations year-round by targeting each season’s most active pests. Call our Farmington Hills branch today to schedule treatment for your home.

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