Common Local Pests

Brown Recluse
House Mice

What is the Biggest Pest Problem in St. Louis?

St. Louis residents understand the need for lawn pest control as well as home pest control. Our lawn pest control includes wasp nest removal, tick control, spider extermination, and cockroach control. Aptive quarterly outdoor treatments are able to control and eliminate insect infestations so they don't advance to your home interior. Aptive environmental customers love that we will go above and beyond insect control on the ground by sweeping spider webs around the upper eaves of the home. and doing thorough examination to ensure all problem areas are taken care of.

What Other Pest Problems Can Aptive Solve?

Here in St. Louis we get asked a lot about our rodent pest control services. There are a variety of mice and rats that we deal with here and do a great job of finding and taking care of these issues. Mice extermination tends to be an interior issue while rat removal can be both interior and exterior. Regardless of the type of mice or rat, Aptive environmental is the best solution to your insect or rodent problem.

Pest Control Prevention Tips

Indoor and Outdoor Pest Control Services

Aptive is the best home pest control company in St. Louis! We are experts in indoor and outdoor pest control. Our well-trained staff is available daily to answer any questions, and meet your needs. They can assist in scheduling, rescheduling, taking payment information, and answering account questions.

Outdoor Tip #1

Fit screens, replace old weather-stripping on doors and windows, and ensure foundation and attic vents are gap-free.

Our service professionals are more than exterminators because they go above and beyond to search your home and property for solutions. Our staff is specifically trained in the environment of the St. Louis area, and know how to get rid of those annoying pests! Service pros also give advice that you as the homeowner can do to help control future infestations both indoor and outdoor. Please see tips.

Indoor Tip #2

Check for plumbing leaks and seal gaps around pipes, particularly behind cabinets, to ensure water does not accumulate.

Save $100 on Your Initial Service!

Aptive is the industry leader in quality, affordable pest control. Save $100 on your first service and see for yourself!

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Neighborhood Feedback


Michael D.was very respectful and professional throughout all the service in my property. He explained all about the treatment he was applying outside and inside my home. I was very happy with his service. Michael came to do the first application at a super hot day and he was calm, cool, and pleasant

Lorena A. Austin, TX


We just had our initial visit from aptive and our technician Ranfel was great. He was quick, diligent, and very professional. My mother-in-law, who was here at the time, talked about how pleasant he was after his visit. Great job so far, and I’m sure it will continue to be great moving forward.

Matthew S. Austin, TX


Timothy Sheppard was right on time for my service and very courteous throughout. Was very knowledgeable and professional in answering any of my concerns, and did a great job of removing wasp nests and spider weds around the house. Couldn't have been happier with my service.

Terrell C. Austin, TX

Most Trusted in St. Louis

We deliver on our promises and have been awarded the label of fastest growing company in the nation. Aptive takes pride in this incredible achievement, and continue to receive positive reviews and praise for our pest and rodent management.

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