Pest Control in Orange County

With thousands of different types of insects and rodents in sunny California, infestations are common. Aptive Environmental is a leader in pest control that you can trust to tackle pest problems and prevent future infestations. Our eco-friendly pest control methods are combined with custom-tailored service plans to effectively protect homes and businesses.

Our Orange County pest control professionals can eliminate even the toughest issues, keeping homes safe year-round. Not only do our treatments control current pest problems, but we eliminate the risk of future problems as well. With a team of certified experts, you can count on Aptive to effectively control pests and bring you peace of mind

Your First Aptive Experience

When first visiting your home or business, our pest experts will conduct a thorough investigation of your home or business and then put together your personalized plan based on our findings. Aside from our targeted pest control, our Four Seasons Protection Plan can prevent infestations year-round. Forget about storing pest products inside your home and attempting to do it yourself – Aptive will deliver the best Orange County pest control.

Our industry-leading methods are guaranteed to eliminate pesky infestations for good. We even have a lifetime guarantee to back this up – if the pests we exterminate return, we will too (for free)! Call us today to discuss customized solutions and start living a pest-free lifestyle.

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Business Pest Control in Orange County

Pests are the last customer you want at your business. With any type of business, pest control is especially important – a pest problem can disrupt your work and even cause building damage if an infestation gets out of control. On top of that, your valued customers could easily be scared off by pests.

Business pest control is no problem for Aptive Environmental, whether your business is small or large. Using eco-friendly treatments, we will control pests inside and around your business, while simultaneously lowering the risk of future problems. Aptive will work with you to customize a service plan that will protect your employees, customers, and products from pests all year.

We have all the tools and knowledge to solve your pest problems – let Aptive help you create a pleasant, pest-free work environment and safeguard your business for the future.

Targeting Pests in Orange County

With our warm climate, pests can easily and quickly become an issue. Aptive Environmental focuses on pest control in Orange County year-round. Our experts understand that active pests change from season to season, which is why we’re always on top of the current common pests.

We created the Four Seasons Protection Plan, a year-round pest control system, to help eliminate pest problems before they even start and give you peace of mind. Each seasonal treatment deters pests from infesting inside or around your home or business, ensuring you remain pest-free. Plus, our warranty ensures that we’ll come back in between regular appointments to treat any unexpected pests, free of charge.

Ready to get rid of pests for good? Call us today for more information and to schedule personalized Orange County pest control.

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