How Aptive Environmental Manages Pests in Portland, OR

The Aptive Environmental method uses eco-friendly pest control products and tailored service plans to protect your home or business from bugs and rodents. Our pest professionals are committed to addressing even the toughest issues to keep homes secure for Portland families year-round. Our responsible treatments control rodents and insects and limit the risk of future problems. With a team of certified pest specialists only a call away, you can count on Aptive’s customized service to control pests and bring you peace of mind.

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Our Approach to Eco-Friendly Pest Control

  • Dedicated, professional pest experts conduct a thorough investigation to determine your home’s specific needs
  • Aptive’s Four Seasons Protection Plan means you’re covered all year long
  • Eco-friendly products and treatment methods are pet-friendly, too!
  • Don’t worry about storing chemicals or other pest products—count on Aptive to deliver the best pest control solutions in Portland.

Our industry-leading methods and warranty will secure your home or business from bugs and rodents, guaranteed. We’re dedicated to going the extra mile to deliver unmatched service. Call today to discuss a personalised solution and start living pest-free.

Tips for a Pest-Free Household

Along with water and shelter, food waste and crumbs can attract pests into your home. Garbage bags that haven’t been changed in too long or containers left half-open are easy, preferred food sources for bugs and rodents. Before long, these pests can become an infestation. You can help avoid this by storing food supplies in glass or metal containers and by taking out your garbage regularly.

Many households try to reduce the amount of organic waste they throw out in the trash by composting. This organic waste comprises more than a quarter the total annual waste from U.S. homes. Composting is great for the environment (and your garden) but that leftover food also increases the risk of attracting pests to your home. These tips for pest-free composting will help you avoid a bug problem:

Food waste is appetizing for pests, so hide the smell in your bin by covering it with a layer of dirt and dried leaves.

Don’t compost animal products at home. Instead, store them in glass or metal until you can take them to a local composting facility.

Block your compost bin from rodents by surrounding it with sticks, bricks or wire.

Identifying Helpful Pests in Your Compost Bin

Surprise! Some bugs actually help the composting process. Two of these are pill bugs and slugs. As they move through the organic waste, they make holes that aerate it, speeding up the chemical reactions. Plus, they leave behind natural fertilizer—another boost. However, they might jump to your other garden plants or lawn if left unchecked, so call an Aptive professional if you notice them anywhere but your compost bin. And if you start to see spiders, wasps, earwigs, or hornets hanging around, call us right away. These unwanted pests can quickly become an infestation. Contact Aptive Environmental’s Portland branch to discuss a custom pest management plan for your home and lawn and start composting worry-free.

Environmental Pest Control for Portland Businesses

Business owners, protect your commercial properties from pests with Aptive Environmental’s unbeatable service. Using only the best eco-friendly treatments, we’ll control pests in and around your building and lower the risk of future problems. Whether your business is small or large, in retail, medical, manufacturing or one of over a dozen industries, we have the tools and knowledge to solve your pest problems.

Don’t let bugs disrupt your work—call an Aptive professional to customize a service plan that will protect your employees and products from pests all year. Feel comfortable in your work environment and let Aptive safeguard your business for the future.

Aptive Commercial Pest Control in Portland

  • Aptive Environmental is the best way to ensure that your workplace is pest-free, without incurring damage to your products or employees
  • Our effective, eco-friendly methods control bugs and rodents without disrupting your work
  • Expert knowledge of the needs of your industry, paired with outstanding customer service, make Aptive the best choice for your business

Different Seasonal Pests You’ll See in Portland

The experts at Aptive Environmental understand that the pests most active in Portland change from season to season. Because of this, we created our Four Seasons Protection Plan—the best year-round pest control system in the industry. With eco-friendly pest management products and service tailored specifically to your home or business, Aptive works hard all year to keep your property pest-free.

One treatment per season ensures that the most active pests during that time of year won’t damage your home, inside or out. Our industry-leading warranty means that we’ll come back in between regular appointments to treat any unexpected pests, absolutely free. Passionate pest specialists are ready to help you feel comfortable in every season. Learn more about the pests that are most active during the different seasons.

Common Spring Pests

Portland’s temperate climate brings warm, relatively dry spring seasons, perfect conditions for ants and rodents to emerge from their hibernation spots—possibly in your home. Indoors and outdoors, ant and rodent activity picks up in the spring as these pests target garbage and open food containers.

Common Fall Pests

Two insects that you might see trying to get into your house in the fall are earwigs and silverfish. These bugs look for warm places to stay over the winter and that usually means homes. Those annoying rodents will be looking for ways in, too, so it’s important to seal cracks and store food properly.

Common Summer Pests

The hot, dry Portland summer brings out the stinging insects—bees, wasps, yellow jackets and hornets buzz around pollinating and scaring people all over. Odorous ants also have a tendency of entering homes in search of crumbs in the summer. They’ll travel in the walls and along wiring until they find a food source.

Common Winter Pests

Though it’s hibernation season for many animals, cockroaches remain active around small, dark, warm places indoors. Pantry pests don’t hibernate either—if food isn’t sealed up, you might see insects such as meal moths or grain beetles invading your cabinets.

The Four Seasons Protection Plan by Aptive Environmental is designed to keep common pests under control and out of your home during every season. Call us today for more information and to schedule customized pest control service.

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