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Seasonal Pest Forecast for the San Diego Area

Our certified pest specialists know that different pests are more active in different seasons. Our unique Four Seasons Protection Plan addresses this by servicing your property once per season, protecting you from the pests and rodents most prevalent during that time of the year. Our industry-best warranty ensures that you’ll be covered for any unexpected pest appearances before your next treatment. Year-round protection and environmentally-friendly solutions make Aptive the best choice for pest control at your home or business. Learn more about what to expect during the different seasons in San Diego.

Common Spring Pests

San Diego’s warm spring is perfect for pests to become more active as the reproduce. Most busy during this time of year are earwigs, ants, cockroaches and spiders. Earwigs lay eggs when spring brings moisture to the air. Spiders, such as the black widow and desert recluse, like to hide in storage areas that haven’t been opened all winter.

Common Fall Pests

Though relatively mild, San Diego’s fall signals some pests to look for winter nesting spots—and this can mean indoors. Rodents are a pest that you’ll definitely notice if they find a way into your home. Brown widow spiders are still active during the fall, commonly hiding around patio furniture and on playground equipment.

Common Summer Pests

Bees and wasps are a problem for anyone trying to enjoy the outdoors during summer in Southern California. And ants can seem like they’re everywhere during the hot, dry weather. Watch out for rodents, including rats, moles, voles and gophers, who can damage gardens and lawns.

Common Winter Pests

Even small drops in temperature drive some pests indoors. Spiders are particularly unwelcome in homes but they like to build webs in dark corners and cluttered storage areas. Crickets, when they find a way into a house, snack on clothing and other things made of fabric.

You can trust the Four Seasons Protection Plan by Aptive Environmental to keep the pests at bay during every season. Call us today to schedule pest control service or to get a free quote.

Composting Tips for Environmental Pest Control

Roughly 30% of waste discarded from American homes consists of food scraps and organic materials. Many people use composting to fertilize their gardens and to limit waste in an environmentally friendly way. However, compost can also attract animals, such as raccoons, rodents, and other pests, who see it as a source of food and refuge. While pests, along with composting, do contribute to the natural balance of a garden, an occasional visitor can quickly become an infestation. Follow our tips to prevent pests from taking over your compost bin:

For eco-friendly pest control, avoid throwing animal products in your compost bin. Almost nothing attracts rodents and pests more quickly than easily accessible meat. However, you should also refrain from composting any dairy products, leftover bones, oils, or foods that include a lot of fat.

It’s helpful to make your compost bin less obvious to wandering rodents and pests. Use soil and dry leaves to create a layer over any food sitting in your bin. This makes the organic materials inside harder to smell for rodents and pests.

Another great, eco-friendly pest control method is building obstacles out of rocks, wires, bricks or other materials so that nothing can get into your bin from outside.

Which Pests Should Be Present in Your Compost Bin?

Pill bugs and slugs are among the insects that are actually beneficial: they’ll boost your compost pile by adding natural fertilizer and aerating the organic material. However, they have a tendency to expand their feeding to the fruits and vegetables in your garden, too. If you start to see wasps, hornets, earwigs, fruit flies, or spiders around your compost bin or garden, call Aptive Environmental San Diego right away to discuss a custom extermination plan for your home and garden.

Commercial Pest Control Services in San Diego, CA

Aptive Environmental delivers customized pest control services for commercial buildings in industries ranging from retail spaces to daycare centers. We spend so much of our time at these locations that they become as comfortable to us as our own homes. Sometimes, however, we see pests begin to feel like these places are their homes, too. Aptive Environmental provides eco-friendly pest control to schools, offices, and other commercial facilities in San Diego. With our team of certified pest specialists, Aptive is ready to design a pest control solution for businesses of all sizes.

Don’t worry about pests—Aptive’s certified specialists will personalize a treatment plan for your business, whether it’s large or small, and solve the pest problem, guaranteed. Call today to learn more about how we’ll continue to protect your business even after we’ve controlled the pests.

Environmental Pest Control for San Diego Businesses

  • Comprehensive pest management solutions for every industry: retail, medical, manufacturing, and more
  • Custom services to fit the specific needs of your facility
  • Eco-friendly pest control solutions are guaranteed safe for employees and products

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